Grade Three Update

Thursday, 3rd March 2016

Our Unit: Who We Are

The students are currently working on their summative assessments to conclude our unit on the human body. Students were asked to make connections between body systems or between a body system and an external influence, and were given the opportunity to select the way they demonstrated their learning. It has been great to see the enthusiasm kids have brought to this activity, along with the wide range of forms their projects have taken - essays, posters, comic strips, recorded interviews, PowerPoint presentations, even song lyrics!

After the break, once students have presented their projects to their peers, we will move onto our fifth unit: Sharing the Planet. This unit will focus on children around the world, and investigate the challenges, threats, and opportunities they face in day-to-day life. Students will examine case studies and reflect on global issues that face children.


In literacy, students have put their paraphrasing and summarising skills into practice while working on their unit projects. Students have used a wide range of sources, both text and online, while seeking relevant information; additionally, they have used their listening, viewing, and presenting skills when presenting or synthesising information. While developing their research skills, some students have been learning about academic honesty and the importance of citation and proper referencing.


Congratulations go out to all of the students in grade three who worked hard for an entire month to improve their multiplication skills during our second Mathematics Championship. Sean Huang from 3d was crowned the Grade Level Champion at the end of the competition, but all of the grade three teachers are incredibly proud of the determination, drive, and sporting conduct demonstrated by the students and it is wonderful to see how this ongoing practice improved the year level's mental maths skills.

Before starting division after the break, students have been looking at measurement, with a focus on length and volume. This has offered the opportunity for many fun practical activities and it has been interesting to learn about the ways in which metric units of measurement relate to one another.


In German, we have started our exciting "Innovationen"-project. The children are working in small groups of two or three to invent their own innovations that will improve our life. As we had been talking a lot about appreciation and living spaces it was time for the kids to take action and find ways of making our living space a better place. The kids are very enthusiastic about their project and very engaged in building their creative innovations. Thank you to all parents for providing the kids with all the great building materials!

Regarding language and grammar, we have introduced the perfect and future tense. The summative assessment of our unit will be a written description of the innovation using perfect and future tense.

The posters the kids have made about the different living spaces are now displayed outside of the classrooms so come and have a look at the great results!

Frohe Ostern und erholsame Feiertage wünscht das Deutsch-Team!

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