Shark Wars The Battle of Riptide

Logan Tapolyai

Never give up

Book Summary

The book is about a shark named Gray and his friend Barkley who are the leaders of the Rouge Shiver. Everywhere Gray and Barkley swim the fish are talking about a shark named Finnivus, who would eat anything and anyone. Finnivus wants to take control of the whole big blue ocean. Finnivus has an army of ferocious sharks, called the squaline, who help him expand his territory. Barkley and Gray find the surviving members of the Coral Shiver, including Sandy, Gray's mother. Gray learns that he was adopted by Sandy because she found him abandoned. Gray is trained to defeat Finnivus' army by Takiza the fighting Betta fish. He joins forces with Lochlan, a great white shark and the leader of Auzy Auzy Shiver, to defeat Finnivus and his posse.


Gray is the main character of the story. Gray is the only megaladon shark alive in the big blue. He is also the leader of the Rouge Shiver and his best friend is Barkley the dogfish. Gray finds out that he is really a Megaladon, not a reef shark. His mom tells him that she really adopted him into the Coral Shiver.

Finnivus is a tiger shark who is the leader of the Indi Shiver. He tries to take over the whole big blue ocean by taking over other shivers, including the Goblin Shiver that Gray fought in the first book. He is a fierce shark with an army of battle sharks.


The setting is in the ocean and involves different groups of sharks called shivers.

Conflict and Resolution

The conflict is about Indi shiver trying to take over. The Indi shiver kills other sharks and destroys other shivers. Finnivus' goal is to take over the whole ocean and he is willing to kill other sharks to do it. Takiza the fighting betta fish trains Gray to fight Finnivus. Gray finds other shivers and forms alliances with them to try to stop Finnivus from taking over the ocean. Gray journeys down into the maw to find a rare seaweed that gives him more energy to fight. Gray, Lochlan and the Coral, Auzy Auzy and Rogue Shivers defeat Indi Shiver.

About the Author

EJ Altbacker is a screenwriter who has worked on TV shows such as Ben 10 and Spiderman. He lives in Hermosa Beach, California. EJ has a Bachelors degree in marketing and a Masters degree in screenwriting. He also has a sister named Jude.