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Greatest Accomplishments of Early Civilizations

By: Amanda, Eli, Kendall, and Andre

Number Five

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Architecture is how we live. It is very important to ancient and current civilizations. Architecture is all of our homes. Without it, we wouldn’t have a roof over our heads. We would be living outdoors, no protection for what there could be out there. Living outside, we wouldn’t be able to protect ourselves from the weather, like the wetness of the rain, the loudness of thunder, the coldness of the snow, etc. If there was a wild animal out there, you wouldn’t have anyplace to go to protect yourself from it.

Number Four

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Trade have been placed as the as the 4th most important because it was accomplishment to show they can work together for their them to survive. Trade was created for people to get materials that weren’t available to them. This accomplishment created a route called the silk road that was used to for merchants to buy or sell silk in from china. This also helped have a spread in culture to other regions.

Number Three

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When a civilization starts getting a large population, they need to develop a way to keep those people in order and also manage the city at once. And that is where government comes in. It is important since it is what keeps people civilized without as much effort. It is too difficult to control a population and advance without management. In which is what makes this so important.

Number Two

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Writing and language is our way of communication. And having communication is, of course, important for having a civilized society. Writing itself is needed since it is the easiest way to keep records of things and history over long periods of time without much knowledge being lost, such as laws and rules possibly. As well as that but can be used to get messages from one person to another without communicating personally. So once survival has been achieved, communication by means of writing and language is really the next thing to be accomplished in order to have any, at all, chance in advancing in anything else.

Number One

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Agriculture is the most important advancement for ancient civilizations. The adaptation of agriculture allowed for societies to stay in one place rather than having to follow the migration patterns of animals. This also allowed for many other advancements such as surpluses of food and more technology. Agriculture allowed for society to move forward and provided other important developments which is why it is the highest pick on our list.