For the week of January 10th

Devotion - Down to the River

Colossians 2:9-15

Paul reminds us of the importance of baptism, not just the moment when we are baptized, but what baptism means for our faith journey. In our baptism, we were buried with Christ, putting away all our hurts - the ways we hurt ourselves, our brothers and sisters, and God. In baptism, we are raised with Christ to new life. That life is a life of grace, hope, and love. This Sunday, we will celebrate Baptism of our Lord Sunday. We celebrate not just Jesus’ baptism, but our own, remembering the life that God gives to each of us in the waters. In those waters, God renews our lives. Let’s go down to the river!

Song: The River, Jordan Feliz

In our lives: There are days and times when a good hot shower or bath makes you feel like a new person. When I return from Haiti, that first hot shower really does make me a new person! As we get into our New Year, let’s consider how God is calling us to be new. This Sunday, we will remember our baptisms, and rejoice in how those waters, our hearts and lives and spirits are made new.

PCR IS AMAZING: Feeding the hungry and making a difference in people's lives.

A big thank you and pat on the back to this congregation for the amazing work for God that we do through our Food Pantry ministry. In December, we fed 214 people, in 68 households. We gave out 4,927 pounds of food!

PCR IS AMAZING: PART II! This year, we are blessed to be a blessing!

We are so blessed at PCR and God has called us to be a blessing in this new year and you have responded! We have received $192,790.00 in pledges for the mission and ministry of Jesus Christ so that we can share our blessings with our community and all the world! Thank you to the Stewardship Committee and to everyone who has been and continues to be a part of the awesome work for God that we do here!

Elder Installation

Join us Sunday, January 17th during worship for the installation of our new ruling elders for the Class of 2018. We are deeply grateful for all of the work and dedication our class of 2015 ruling elders has provided us.

Weekly Lantern

Do you know of a someone that does not receive our weekly Lantern, but would like one? We mail out a few copies to those who do not use email regularly, and if you have somebody to add to the list, we would love to add them!

Elder Training

January 30th

For all Elders at McDonough Presbyterian Church

Some pictures from our ministry in Haiti!

Prayer Requests

Please be in prayer this week for:

Eddie Campbell

Jane McMillian

Kathy Evans, friend of PCR, breast cancer

Michelle Seagraves, tests for health problems

Janet, friend of Gloria Samut, sepsis

Katheryn, mother of Darleen Alexander’s friend, health concerns

Sybil Hernandez and her three young children, daughter of a friend of Carrell Kalland, family crisis

Betty Dennard, Gail Carpenter’s mom, recovering from hip replacement

Stuart, Jim and Virginia Nicholson’s son

Donna Stacey, friend of Leigh McMinn

Diane Terry, friend of the Tate family, breast cancer

Jenny Kirkpatrick, daughter of Mary Jane Kirkpatrick (friend of PCR), having surgery at Northside today to remove mass from her abdomen.

J.D. Johnson, cousin of Eloise, scheduled for his second chemo treatment on January 8th - he is now recovering from an intestinal infection - c-diff

Harrison Waldron, for neck strength in his recovery from a brain injury

Bobby, Ron Jones’ friend, cancer

Stan Stokes, friend of Mike Sager, bladder cancer

Lillie Curry, Brenda Gales’ aunt, colon cancer

Sandra Hancoch, friend of Margaret Lambert, breast cancer

Karen Smith, friend of Margaret Lambert, fighting cancer

Sonya, niece of Kenneth Jenkins, fighting breast cancer

Doug Switzer’s daughter, friend of Mike Sager, melanoma

Debra Reeves, friend of Mike Sager, breast cancer

Bob Long, Mary Wallace's brother, multiple health concerns

Jay Morgan, nephew of Dan Morgan, Stage 4 cancer

Rev. Penny Hill, cancer treatment

Mya, student of Courtni Mitchell, undergoing chemotherapy

Our neighbors in need who have received food from PCR’S Food Pantry

Shut Ins: Freeman Barber, Gloria Blankenship, Iris Cleland, Jean Ghee, Louise Hanekamp, Doris Kirby, Ray Morgan, Emelyn Sexton, Evelyn Spivey, Hope Woodruff;

We give our Christian Love and Sympathy to: Eloise Jones and her family, upon the death of her cousin, Tommy Lee McCurdy

We celebrate and welcome the birth of Henry Page, son of Tom and Laurie Page, brother of Simon and Amelia!

About PCR

Sunday School- 9:45 a.m.

Worship- 11:00 a.m.

We are a welcoming, caring congregation, strong in fellowship and faithfully committed to worshiping God. Traditional in organization and open in worship, our mission is to share the love of God by serving our neighbors, whether we meet them around the corner or around the world.