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A flying shuttle is a set of horizontal bars that hold 2 sets of thread that run the length of the loom. Each bar is attached to every other thread which is called the warp. One bar moves up and down, while the others do not move. Another thread called the weft is attached to a shuttle. The shuttle is passed between two sets of threads, drawing the weft behind it. This thread is packed tightly into the "V" formed by the warp, and the moveable bar is lowered. This traps the weft thread, making one row of cloth.

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"The handloom system was just too slow of a process. The flying shuttle is just more reliable, does not make me tired and is a lot faster of a process!"

We are Kay's Horizontal Flying Shuttle Co.

Hopefully you get the chance to come down to our store and buy yourself your very own flying shuttle! It will make your cloth making a lot easier!