Louisiana Purchase

What is the Louisiana purchase?

The louisiana purchase was one of the biggest land purchases in history! The land was purchased in 1803. The land covered over 15 states, The land was 2,100,000 sq km and 828,000 sq miles. They bought the land  because they wanted more people to come to their states, and they wanted more land for the people that will come to live here!

How did the american economy improve after the purchase?

It was good because they got more land for people to come live in their area and thats what they wanted and even though the land costed a lot it was all ok because with all the land they had they could have more farms and with more farms they got to sell their crops for money!

Pros and Cons about the purchase!

Pros- more people came to live on their land so they could rule those people istead of the british and that made them feel they had more power. Also they got a lot of farm land to sell crops to get money to pay for all the land they just bought.Cons- There was only one con and that was they lost all the money at first but they gained it all back by the farms but that was later on.