Nonprofits And Charities

from Catherine Henaire

Beyond Hunger Inc

Beyond Hunger is a non-profit that is dedicated to helping teens and adults overcome unhealthy eating and being satisfied with their weight. They also encourage everyone to find a natural, loving and peaceful relationship with their food, weight, and selves. they provide support groups, workshops and education for adults and children with eating disorders. They have weekly support groups, and quarterly workshops. The non profit also provides support groups for adults and teens with eating disorders. Their school presentations and weekly support groups are designed to help them develop a positive and healthy relationship with their body. During the school year Beyond Hunger is serving around a total of 12 schools. They get grants and donations that are used for teaching the youth about eating disorders.

American Gateways

American Gateways represents refugees from around the world who are seeking a new life in the US. Leaving everything behind, many cannot afford a private attorney and many are faced with deportation or separation from their families. This program helps individuals in proving a “well-founded fear of persecution” should they return to their country of origin. This project also visits detention centers to provide self-help Know-Your- Rights & Responsibilites presentations to detainees so that they may better represent themselves when staff are unavailable. American Gateways offers legal counsel to battered immigrants and their children in self-petitioning for residency under the Violence Against Women Act. They also promote and use the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act to protect immigrant victims of crime through immigration's “T” and “U” Visa legal provisions. American Gateways provides legal counsel to low-income immigrants who are filing for family-based visa petitions, applications for adjustment of status and US citizenship. Your donation will help pay for additional staff who will provide the legal services that impoverished men, women, children, and families need to access these historic reforms and live fullfilled lives. You can also volunteer as a translator, interpreter, legal researcher, and fundraiser!

African School Assistance Program

ASAP is building and refurbishing community schools in Tanzania. In Tanzania, like many African nations, teenage girls face terrible adversity and are often forced to drop out of school, ending any chance they may have at a life out of poverty. ASAP builds dormitories to provide secondary school girls a safe place to live, study and stay in school. Not only is this program giving the children the proper education they need in life, but they are also raising the standard of living for future generations. Since ASAP was created in 2008, they have developed primary and secondary schools in Tanzania that have taught over 1,500 students. This project uses donations to ensure that thousands of children in East Africa have access to quality public education. Your donations will go towards purchasing supplies to create a school and volunteers are always welcomed to take part in building the schools.

Which One Would You Donate To?

I personally would choose African School Assistance Program because I understand how crucial a good education is. Young African children need proper schooling to support themselves and they need basic knowledge. Also a recent study showed that over 70 million children are prevented proper schooling every day. I understand how important bringing awareness to eating disorders are and I understand that that is a large problem, but I have realized that, while looking on the website, there are many charities and nonprofits who donate their time and money to support and teach children and adults about eating disorders. I think that that is a excellent and extremely generous idea, but I personally feel that there needs to be more efforts to provide adequate schooling to impoverished children. Not only does ASAP provide the proper schooling one needs but it also addresses the fact that most women are driven out of school from adversity by providing a safe and efficient school system. I also understand that immigration is a big problem in the United States and also realizes most immigrants are poorly treated and their living conditions can be bad. But I still believe that I would donate to ASAP because I cannot get over the fact that our school day is filled with sighs and complaints while impoverished girls, that are the same age, are not learning how to read or write which we do everyday.

My Charity/Nonprofit

If I were to make a nonprofit organization I would most likely focus on feeding malnourished children in foreign countries. Although there are numerous charities and nonprofits focused on feeding malnourished children, child hunger is still a large problem. About 13.1 percent of the world’s population is hungry. That’s roughly 925 million people who are malnourished on a daily basis, and almost 1 in every 15 children in a developing country dies from hunger. By donating to Feeding the Eastern Hemisphere you are preventing multiple children from another day full of hunger. We accept cash/check donations, and food donations.