Americans and the Revolution

Chapter 9 Lesson 1

Safe & Sound feat. The Civil Wars (The Hunger Games: Songs From District 12 And Beyond)


It's 1777 hundreds of British soldiers are marching pass your house in New Jersey. The noise of their swords make you shiver as your mom pulls you and your big sister close to her. For three months your father has been away fighting in the Continental army your mom and big sister are crazy worrie. You tell them "we'll beat them just watch!!

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Important People

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People had a lot of hardships for example families were torn apart towns, friendships.The price doubled and went to high.They had a little of goods and the law was you couldn't hoard,or collect or hide large amount of materials or goods, however these laws were ignored.

Freedom and Enslaved

At the start of the war one out of every 13 colonies was an African decent, most lived as slaves.The British told them if they fought for their side they would get freedom so they did.

Western Land

People started moving in the lands of American Indians, some indian groups were angry and some were okay with it.Soon the groups were divided some fought for this team and others for another team.The Mohawk leader fought for the british,.
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