Nigeria is located in Africa. Abuja is the capital of Nigeria. Abuja is located in the middle of the country. Nigeria has 1,6 million people. The 6th President of Nigeria is President Buhari. Nigeria is two times as big as California. Nigeria has six cities with populations over 1 million people, the United States has nine. There are more than 250 ethnic groups in Nigeria. Nigeria government is like the United States. The oldest human remains found in Nigeria were more than 11,000 years old. 3.5 million slaves came to America from Nigeria


English is there most used language


coca,rubber,nuts,and oil

The paper money is called Nair. Nigerian religion is about 50% Muslim, 40% Christian, and 10% traditional beliefs.

Fun Fact

Nigeria has over 1,000 different types of butterflies in the forests.i have a unknown slaved ancestor


You could start school at the age of 4.six year in primary school.They teach math,science,christen, and language . there are over 70,000.