Marissa Hernandez

Background Information

I have always danced my entire life. I have started and stopped other activities, but always stayed with dance. I couldn't imagine life without it. I love dancing and I love other dancers. Being a dancer I know how easily it is to get seriously injured. You could be out for weeks, months, or even years. I don't want to be a professional dancer. I want to become a physical therapist specifically for dancers. The world of dance is huge and people will always get hurt. I love helping people and watching them improve with my help would be amazing. I would love to dance forever, but that's not possible. I will be able to help other dancers forever. I was inspired to look into this career after a dance teacher of mine went to college to become a physical therapist specializing in dancers. She came back the the studio she taught at and explained to all of us her new career. Several years later I still love hearing about what she has done and want to do what she does.

Extracurricular Activities

I have done multiple extracurricular activities throughout my life. I participated in swimming, gymnastics, cheerleading, dance, colorguard, and winterguard. I have been dancing since I was three. I wanted to do more things since dance wasn't challenging enough. I added swimming when I was seven years old and swam for only one year. I loved the water, but swimming was not my passion. So I swapped swimming for gymnastics. I started gymnastics at eight. I loved it and even won first in a competition. I quit gymnastics to join a dance company in seventh grade. I danced for a couple hours about six times a week. After that year I quit the company because I wanted to try cheerleading. I became a NCA nominee after just a one camp. I became co-captain for my team. When I started high school I joined colorguard in addition to dance. I again wanted to find something challenge my skills. I did well in colorguard and when winter season came around I auditioned for the varsity winterguard team. Every year before had one freshman make the varsity team. I was one out of eighteen trying out. Six freshman joined varsity that year. I was one of those six. Dance, colorguard, and winterguard are my passion.


Awards are something that people strive for. I have been honored to receive several awards throughout my life. I have many medals from swimming, gymnastics, dance, and winterguard. From winterguard, I have my first and second place medals from championships. I have a five year and a ten year medal from dance. In gymnastics I won a first place trophy at a competition in my age division. I have multiple medals from dance and gymnastics as well for competing. In elementary and middle school I received awards for honor roll and attendance every six weeks. In high school I was given a Jammin Jag for being able to keep my grades up while participating in the vigorous marching band schedule.

Jobs/Work Experience

I am very busy with the colorguard and winterguard schedule leaving little time to work. I have one week camps in June and July and then a month long one in August. Everyday after school there is practice and every Saturday there is a competition until November. In Novemeber winter season starts. Every Tuesday and Thursday, and all day Saturday we have practice and the Saturday practices are soon replaced with competitions along with dance on Mondays and Wednesdays. That lasts until April. Every time I get a day off I try to find someone to babysit. Sometimes I am successful sometimes I'm not. It's easier during the summer to find people who need a sitter.