Miss Hays' Class Update

April 7, 2016

2nd Grade Reward-- Thursday, April 7, 2016

Last week, our class filled up our star chart. The class gets to color in a star when the class gets a compliment from another teacher, goes above and beyond what is expected, and/or whenever Miss Hays or Miss Gibson feels like coloring in a star! After filling up our chart, we brainstormed ideas on what we wanted to do for our class reward. The students voted for the reward they wanted. We had many GREAT ideas! The class voted to participate in a Reading Day on Thursday, April 16. A Reading Day consists of the kids reading alllllllll day! Students may bring 2-3 books from home (make sure their name is in the front cover). One of my favorite things to do is read outside and drink lemonade, so I told the kids I would bring some lemonade and cookies for us to enjoy while reading. If the weather is nice, we will go outside to read!