Nike condoms

just wrap it

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Target Market

My target market is is teenagers or whoever is curious at a young age older people should no better no offense

Product Cost

It will cost a $1.99 because regular condoms cost 0.99 cents and we have a guaranteed selling brand that if we put this out in the world it would sell

Promotional Activities

We will have commercials about pregnancy and HIV and aids also we will show you how we make and why ours our are different from the others

why it would be successful

It would be successful because everybody likes name brands especially nike about 80 percent of people do anyway and nobody ever thinks before they do something they do but but they don't they tell them to wear condoms but lets be for real for a second they design these things to pop any way so u can keep buying them and buying them were designing them to actually keep you safe there will be no pops scratches dents none thing unless it was planned if it does you are guaranteed your money back

Product slogan