The Day You Were Born

by: God

Happy Birthday Jennifer

You formed my inmost being: You knit me in my mother’s womb. (Psalm 139:13)

Imagine that it’s your birthday, and God prepares a magnificent dinner party in your honor. All your family and friends are in attendance, and everyone is enjoying themselves immensely. Just before he food comes out, God steps up to the microphone and asks everyone to settle down. Then, clear in this throat, he looks right at you and says:

Do you know that the very thought of you fills me with joy? From the moment of your conception, I put a lot of thought into who you were going to be: the shape of your eyes, the tone of your voice, your personality, your talents, and your dreams. I could never keep my eyes off of you, even when you couldn’t see me. I wept when you wept, and I took great pride in every one of your successes and triumphs. All these years, I have loved you and treasured you.

That’s right. I’ve been with you all along. I know every intimate detail about you. Not a single moment of your life passed without my seeing it and feeling it in the depth of my heart. None of your thoughts, fears, or desires has escaped me- the good, the noble, and the selfless as well as the bad, the selfish, and the prideful. And I have loved you through all of them. I was near to you when you were confused and brokenhearted. It was I who offered you the counsel and comfort of your friends and family. It was I who looked out at you through the eyes of everyone who has ever loved you.

“I see goodness and beauty within you, even when you don’t see it within yourself. In fact, I look at you with the same wonder and awe that you have when you look up at the stars in the sky at night. I may have created you, but I marvel at the way you are using all the gifts I have given you. I marvel even more at the future I have in store for you. I can’t wait for the day when you are able to join me in my heavenly home.

“Happy Birthday my child. May this be a year when you and I grow even closer together!"