Sammy Davis Jr

By: Haley Rich

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Who was Sammy Davis Jr

Sammy Davis Jr was a singer, Dancer, and actor. Sammy was one of the best stars in New York City.Sammy Davis Jr was in a car accident in November 1954. The accident shattered half of his face and he lost his left eye. Sammy starred in the movie Mr.Wonderful.
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Sammy Davis Jr Carrier

After Sammy got in to the car accident.Sammy married Swedish actress May Britt in 1960. Sammy and May had a daughter and adopted to sons. Sammy was a champion of the Civil Rights when it was very difficult to be an African american and have a show business personality. Sammy was in a lot of movies like Mr.Wonderful. In 1970 Sammy married a second wife name Altovise Gore.Later on in 1970 Sammy starred in a movie called Tap. The movie was released a year before Sammy died. Sammy died at the age 64 because of cancer. Sammy died in Beverly hills in 1990.