History of a Reader

By Kylie Sampson

why i like to read

I love to read because you can really relate to the book like if you are having a hared time at school and you have a friend that will be by your side. And the book can relate to you.And because you can go on a really bumpy ride.And i love reading because you can learn what to do and what not to do.

when i started reading

I started reading at the age of 3 years old i loved to read but what my mom and i didn't know is that i had dyslexia. When we found out i was 10 years old when we found out that i have dyslexia so all my life i have been yelled at because i didn't read as good as the other people in my class and i was always be hide on my reading.

What I like To read

I like to read love story's I think that love story's can relate to real love in the world. I love to read non-fiction because I love reading real things in life that happened and what maybe could happened and I love to read about real people and what they did or are doing or are going to do I love these types of books❤️