San Diego Zoo

I got to go on a virtual field trip to the San Diego Zoo during the last few days. I got to look at animals from a live cam. We didn't go to the zoo for real because that would take about 33 hours and 17 minutes. I learned about the animals that lived there. My favorite animals was the pandas because it was cute.
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When I was at San Diego Zoo, I learned some amazing facts. I learned that pandas like to eat honey while they are playing with toys. Pandas are strong mammals which is why during the mother pandas are away. The cubs usually sleep on the top of trees. Once in a while, they get checkups for health and behavior. There are usually 4 - 5 cubs each year. Once the cubs get older, they start to learn how to walk or crawl. They are very active. Pandas like to explore around and climb. I also learned that pandas eat bamboo and they love to spend family time.