Mrs. Blalock's Bulletin


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Dates and Events to Remember

  • MAY 12TH- 7:15AM SC Book Awards Celebration in the Media Center

  • May 18- 20th Book Fair at LMES
    • (Family Event 4:00-6:15pm on 5/18)
  • May 22nd Last Day to Check Out Library Books

  • May 26th Field Day: K-2nd grades 9-11am /grades 3-5 Noon-2pm/ Volunteer

  • Media Messages-Topics include information on the upcoming SC Book Awards Celebration, May Book Fair, Summer Reading Programs, and Book Suggestions

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  • Students will subtract three digit numbers with regrouping in Chapter 7. They will always need to show their work.

  • Students will need to continue to review addition and subtraction facts to practice fact fluency. They can practice on Quizlet.

  • We will explore whole group multiplication patterns to help students prepare for third grade.
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Language Arts

Students will read non-fiction articles about animals and answer comprehension questions. They will reread information as needed to best answer multiple choice questions. They will write in complete sentences when answering short answer questions.

In writing, students will create a special gift to share on Mother's Day. Students will also write How? books that will include personal examples of many adjectives.

Lesson 43- silent consonants kn and wr (know, wrong)

Lesson 44- prefix un

Lesson 45- suffix tion

Spellingcity is a popular site to review these lessons along with previous ones studied this year.

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Students will read about different habitats and records notes in their science notebooks describing each habitat and listing several animals that live there.

Animal Classifications

Life Cycles


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Scholastic Book Club- Optional

If you are interested in ordering books for your child, preview the following site.

Scholastic Book Club.

Our class code is HGT62 if the site asked for it. The link above should connect to our class page. We receive free books for our classroom with every order. Thank you!

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