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At http://www.48hourprint.com we specialize in prime quality full color printing of business cards, brochures, post cards, and various printing marketing materials for individuals and companies large and small. We strive to give our customers with the best quality printing and mailing services with the best prices in the market and 48 hour turnaround guaranteed

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48HourPrint.com is a trusted leader in on-line business-to-business printing. Our company has won 13 International Printing and Graphic Design Awards for the superb and high quality products or services. Just visit to web site http://www.48hourprint.com to have the info of various top class products.

The printing you need Fast and Guaranteed!We know how important it's for you to receive your printing services and materials in time. We're the only printing company which offers guaranteed turnaround on all of our standard products In addition to our 48 Hour Turnaround Guarantee on our standard products we also provide a 24 Hour Turnaround Guarantee on many of these standard products. Additionally offer a 5-Day Turnaround Guarantee on large quantities and jobs that require time intensive finishing operations.

These guaranteed FAST turnaround times are a part of our standard pricing - WITH NO HIDDEN UP CHARGES!


We have many happy customers, Just visit to our site http://www.48hourprint.com/quick-printing-comments.html to check on what the customers says about us.

Printing Affiliate Program

Make fair amount of money after joining our Printing Affiliate Program and also encourage other customers having printing products needs to order our products from 48HourPrint.com. We provide the 15% commission on all completed sales to our affiliates.


I Work Everywhere I Go

I work in a car sales company and everywhere I go I work. So just imagine all the calling cards that I have with me everywhere I go. Every person I meet is a potential buyer of a car so I always have to have a card with me that I can give away. I just think that every person I give a card to will probably need a car and will contact me so I do not feel like I waste the cards I give away. Everyone needs cars so I will always have business. I cannot run out of cards, I have made calling cards a necessity in my line of work. So this one time when the printing press was not able to deliver my calling cards I almost had a nervous breakdown.

I almost tear down their office. My calling cards also work as my flyer that is why it is important to have them when I do sales talk. Fortunately I made the right decision in transferring my business to another printing company and this new one I chose look like they are made of good stuffs. I made lots of researches to find the perfect printing shop and what I found is http://www.48hourprint.com. They are so amazing; they can guarantee business cards printed in 48 hours or less. That is what I need the most right now, fast and efficient. They printed my business cards and I have them again in no time.

No more breakdowns for me after I found http://www.48hourprint.com. They are the new love of my life. I like to exaggerate, so forgive me. This print shop is online so I was doubtful at first but after being able to deliver all my orders in time all my doubts have gone out the window. I will endorse them to anyone who asks. That is how much I adore and respect them. I wish I had more stuff to print just to use their services.

But business cards are all I need right now. I guess I can also have them print me posters for the car sales company I work for. Anyway if there are events in the future and printing is needed I will definitely tell my boss about 48hourprint. I have not realized the significance of business card in my line of work until I was threatened to not have them. I guess it is true that you appreciate things more when they are gone. I am so glad that 48hourprint returned my business cards to me and I never have to go without them again. I will never replace them with another printing press ever again. I will be loyal to them forever and ever.


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