Who is Anne

Anne is a young girl who goes into hiding because of her religious beliefs. Anne is a Jewish girl during holocaust time when Adolf Hitler had control of Germany. Hitler made all Jews go to either concentration camps to work or death camps to be put to death immediately and it was not their own choice to go to the death camps or to the concentration. Anne’s family and some of their dearest friends didn’t want to go to a camp so they went into hiding in Mr. Frank’s attic of his shop. There they would try to live and not get caught until the end of the epidemic. They would have food coming in every week that they would have to rashen from Meip.

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I chose a pencil to describe Anne because she was always writing. Anne got a diary from Meip that she decided to write about the things that were happening. Anne wrote about many things like the day when Mr. Van Daan stole all the food and the time when she had a dream that the German Green police came and took them. Anne also wanted to become a writer when she grew up so she wrote in a diary that was later found by her dad and was published. Anne didn’t get to become a writer in her eyes but she didn’t know that her diary was published and she achieved her goal of becoming a writer. Anne was a girl who had many goals and dreams of being a writer.
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I chose a microphone for Anne because she was very outspoken. Anne would always say what was on her mind to whoever it was. One time in the play Mr. Van Daan said “Anne can you ever shut up for a second.” Anne said whatever she wanted even if it was a slight bit disrespectful. I also chose a microphone because Anne wanted to be heard. Anne always had something to talk about and when she talked she would talk loud. Anne was the loudest and most energetic of everyone in the play.


One theme of the story is to never give up hope. I chose the theme never to give up hope because the Franks, the Van Danns, and Mr. Dussel always had hope that someday they would be rescued. They would always pray and when they prayed it had something along the lines of someday they will be saved. Anne was always wanted to be a writer so that shows she has hope that one day she will be free. For anyone in their situation you would want to have hoped that someone will come to help. They didn’t just pray for their rescue but for all the Jewish people in the camps. The family and friends living in the attic also prayed for the war to end and hoped that they could live a normal life and not be looked at by others badly.

Friends and Family

The second theme I chose for the story is friends and families always have each other’s back. When the Franks allowed the Van Danns to come in to the hide out showed they had each other’s back. Even in times when the Franks didn’t want the Van Daans in their home they made up because they couldn’t do that to a good friend. Mrs. Frank knew that it wasn’t going to work with the Van Daans fighting all the time. In the story Mrs. Frank found Mr. Van Daan eating the bread and she blew up. At that time she wanted to just kick their family out because the food should have been for the kids who were hungry but yet he was eating the bread. Over all even at the worst of the worst time they always had each other’s back.