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Ireland and the Eurpoean Union

Ireland joined the Eurpoean Union in 1973. Albeit, it was not one of the founding members.

Was Ireland ever apart of another country?

Ireland was taken over by England in the 1600s. This makes Ireland apart of England which is in the UK. They continued to be under England's rule until the Great Potato Famine. This devastation killed one million people within 5 years. This triggered a rebellion for independence. They had signed a treaty and in 1949, Ireland officially called themselves an independent country.

Ireland's flag

Ireland's flag colors represents different things. The green represents older Gaelic which was the part of the Irish launguage . Orange represents the Orange Tradition. And the white represents the peace or the lasting truce.

Tourist Atractions and cities

Dublin, Ireland

The capital of Ireland is Dublin. In Dublin you can visit the Dublin Castle. This castle was established in 1204 AD. It has been the heart of history for 800 years!

Government and Currency

Ireland had two type of government; a republic and a parliamentary. Ireland uses the euro but before 2002, their currency was the Irish pound.

Did you know?

Only 9% of the Irish population are red heads.

The heaviest person in Ireland was recorded to be over 600 pounds when she died.

St. Patrick wasn't actually Irish, he was Roman