WOوmen Gender TC

Institute for Leadership Excellence (ILE)


- The Mediterranean Forum for Youth & Childhood, MOROCCO

- Association of Initiatives & Cooperation "Yard", LATVIA

- Environmental Group Municipality of Kessariani, GREECE

- Institute for European Initiative, POLAND

- Waseela for Training & Development, EGYPT

- Ideas Factory Association, Bulgaria

Aim & Objectives

Aim: Providing needed specific knowledge, skills and practical methods and tools supporting the concrete implementation of gender related projects in youth work within Euro-Med context.

Overall objective: To make learning and training experts of active players in supporting the implementation of gender projects in youth work.

Specific objectives

1. To raise awareness about Gender and breaking its related stereotypes

2. To get acquainted about the relationship between Gender and Religion

3. To share pedagogical tools useful for future Gender-related activities

Institute for Leadership Excellence (ILE)