DWE Weekly Bulletin

Friday, May 6, 2016

A Note from Leah...

I hope you are able to relax and find joy this weekend! Enjoy your time with family and those you love this weekend! Monday through Wednesday we have STAAR for our 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students. Let's support them in dressing up for success and by giving encouraging words when you see them in the halls. I hope you felt the love and admiration this week for all of your hard work in touching the lives of our students. You make a difference every single day. Thank you for your work! See you on Monday!


Building Open 8am to 4pm tomorrow, Saturday, May 7th

As a reminder the building will be open the following Saturdays from now until the end of school A schedule of building hours and when staff is allowed in the building following the last staff work day will be provided in the coming weeks.

Saturday, May 7th 8am - 4pm

Saturday, May 21st 8am - 4pm

Saturday, May 28th 8am - 4pm

STAAR Information

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Upcoming Events week of May 9th

F&P Testing Window 3/21-5/13, mClass Window K&1, 5/2-5/23, ISIP Window 5/2-5/16, SMI Testing Window 2nd - 5th 5/12-5/26, All library books due this week, 4th & 5th Grades switch lunches on May 9th & 10th for STAAR, All appraisals completed, IT'S STAAR WEEK! No Academic Collaboration or RTI

Monday, 5/9 - Rotation Day 0 - 5th Gr. Math Retest, 4th & 5th Switch Lunches for STAAR, STAAR 3rd & 4th Gr. Math, Challenge

Tuesday, 5/10 - Rotation Day 0 - No Choir Rehearsal, STAAR 5th Gr. Reading Retest, STAAR 3rd & 4th Gr. Reading, Challenge, Sacred Planning, 4th & 5th Switch lunches for STAAR, Stephanie Sell's Wedding Shower 4pm

Wednesday, 5/11 - Rotation Day 4 - STAAR 5th Gr. Science, Sacred Planning, IC Meeting 12pm

Thursday, 5/12 - Rotation Day 5 - AXA Reps providing breakfast in the lounge 8am, Eagle Art Crew 3:45pm, Staff Birthdays (Special Ed) 4pm

Friday, 5/13 - Rotation Day 6 - Choir Rehearsal 7:15am, Drama Club 7:15am, VIPS Celebration 8:30-10:30am at Merrell Center, First Grade Field Trip 8:30am-2pm, Sister Schools Movie Night (More information to follow)

Thank you to....

Julie Murray, Denise Parisher and Aimee Krauss for the purchase and receipt of the "Buddy Bench" for the playground.

Lori Mikosh and Erika Johnson for jumping in and assisting a staff member get a task completed.

Claudia Flora, Lori Mikosh, Terry Ganske and Lynn Schuster for covering the office for the office team.

Terry Ganske and Lynn Schuster for assisting with the committee and duty sign ups.

Tina Seaman and Kim Specksgoor for working with our 5th grade parents on making our Family Fun Night a success.

Shelly Ehrig and Dayna Nance for helping with a meeting set up.

Our amazing custodial staff for all their hard work helping us prepare for our Eagle Drama Group presentation. We appreciate all the teachers and staff who gave us the gift of their time to attend our performance yesterday. We are grateful for such a wonderful audience!

Sara English, Cindy Archer, Dayna Nance, Betty Montilla, Shelly Ehrig, Terri Howard, Shannon Adams, Litisha Brown, Sara Bergstrom, Saralyn Corona, Tina Seaman, Susie Loyd, Terry Ganske, Lynn Schuster, Elizabeth Keeton, Christine Roberts, Cynthia Green-Francis, Whitney Jackson, Dawn Gray, Debbie Herrera for serving on an interview committee.

End of Year Quick Reference

Below is a sneak peek at the End of Year Quick Reference sheet that we plan to distribute next week. The dates have not been finalized but this will give you the general idea. The End of Year Check Out sheet will be handed out soon.
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Upcoming the week of May 16th

mClass Window K&1, 5/2-5/23, ISIP Window 5/2-5/16, 3rd Gr. Writing & 2nd Gr. Reading DLA 5/16-5/20, 3rd & 4th Science DLA2 5/16-5/26SMI Testing Window 2nd - 5th 5/12-5/26, Field Days this week!

Monday, 5/16 - Rotation Day 1, Challenge, Admin Meeting 9:30am, Check In Check Out 10:30am, Team Leader Meeting 4pm, Katy ISD Work Study 6:30pm

Tuesday, 5/17 - Rotation Day 2, Choir Rehearsal 7:15am, I-station 7:45am, Challenge, Sacred Planning, KJH Field Trip for 5th going to KJH, TOY Lunch 1030am-1:30pm, ASD - Babcock, Family Fine Arts Night 5pm

Wednesday, 5/18 - Rotation Day 3, Choir Field Trip 8:30am-2pm, 5th Gr. Science Planning Day & 3rd Gr. Math/Science Planning day, ASD - Keeton

Thursday, 5/19 - Rotation Day 0, Field Day (see schedule below), 3 hour detention (Sartor), if needed

Friday, 5/20 - Rotation Day 0, Choir End of Year celebration 7:15am, Field Day (see schedule below), ICs off campus

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