3rd Math Planning

October 17, 2016

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The Starfish Story

You don't really remember the strategies teachers taught you. You remember the teacher and how they made you feel. Make a difference!

Math Objectives

We are missing the activities from the language objective. Such as: sentence stems, exit tickets, turn and talk etc.

DreamBox Data, Insight Dashboard and Fall Challenge!



Fantastic data for the class and individual students. Feedback on Assign Focus and students not allowed to use paper/pencil or dry erase boards while computing? Great tool for all students! Reteach, GT/Advanced, current objectives, extra practice. Preview the activity first! Know your data for PLC.

DMAC Data and Rees Data Sheets

Tech Integration

EDC and DMR- RC for Geometry and Measurement-Share STAAR data Geo

  • Use guided questions for asking shape. Pattern observations p. 49. A square is a rhombus and a rectangle. Why?? How to make this interactive? Thinking maps? circle map cover game, bubble to find similarities and differences. experiences: geoboards, Hook and Look, p. 49, large geo board using push pins on wall, Math Learning Center, explore by touching
  • Anchor charts created with kids and posted all year of 2-D and 3-D attributes
  • Focus on Vocabulary( must have a picture to go with it)
  • Sentence Stems posted on EDC: The area inside is ___. The perimeter around is ___?
  • Quality Question posted on EDC: If I covered an object with ____ color tiles, what might the object be? Using ____ square tiles, how many different rectangles can you make? Can you find somethings that have a greater/less area than your desk top? It is possible to draw letters of the alphabet on grid paper. How many letters can you make and what is their area? Perimeter? I have drawn a shape on my grid paper with a perimeter of____. What might my shape look like?
  • October Highlights- Bring EDC book and plans
  • PLAN: Begin the discussion on page 79 explaining the definitions of area and perimeter and provide vocabulary cards. 2 times a week. Use color tiles and inch grid paper first, then can go to the card stock colored squares and then finally to coloring it in with a marker. Record different ways to make the area with today's date. TEK 3.6 C-(R). In December we will use the area/perimeter (arrays only0 pictures to show length times width.
  • This can be a morning helpers job to complete on days you do not do the activity or a warm-up activity or extension for the class.
  • Area and Perimeter is the unit right before STAAR so we will continue to develop these beginning activities. In December, we will do the 4th grade's April EDC for measurement. We will then move into composite figures and 3.7B(R)- determine the perimeter of a polygon or a missing length when given perimeter and the remaining side lengths in problem.s
  • https://www.reference.com/math/square-always-rhombus-95cfb2582838450#
  • http://mathcentral.uregina.ca/qq/database/qq.09.07/h/odette1.html

Math Problem Solving Station

Sandy suggested having a picture of only the bar model with the labels and question marks put in and the students have to create the problem and question!
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Math Stations

  • Quick Draw
  • MultiFax Games (from last year)

Blended Learning Implementation

  • DreamBox/TTM- when to begin TTM?
  • Greg Tang-Kakooma, skill apps/web sites
  • Small Groups, IP, ICreate
  • Small group binders
  • Rotations-how many? what do they look like?

youcubed-Jo Boaler

Author of Mathematical Mindsets and brilliant math teacher. She has shared great math lessons and videos on growth mindset and challenging activities for all grade levels.


Unit 5-Multiplication Tables of 6, 7 , 8, and 9. Test is Friday, November 4th.

TEK Walk-

  1. 3 Readiness and 7 Supporting standards.
  2. 3.4K One and two-step multiplication and division within 100( objects, pictorial models-arrays, area models, equal groups; properties of operations, recall of facts
  3. 3.5B One and two-step, with arrays, strip diagrams(bar models), and equations
  4. 3.5E Represent real-world relationships using number pairs in a table and "verbal descriptions?
  5. 10 X 10 so same for division facts.
  6. Repeated addition, skip counting, and visual model- see page 5. Create an anchor chart/tree map of the different types. ( I have ordered number lines. Hoping they come in soon!- Remember to count the spaces, not the lines on a number line)
  7. About the RELATIONSHIPS between multiplication and division.
  8. Twice, double, __ times as much and relationship needs to be added to vocab.
  9. Must be able to find the missing factor or product.
  10. Must be able to follow another student's process thinking!
  11. Create a third column/row in tables to show the process(rule or relationship) in the table. Remember to practice finding the answer in a reverse fashion. Tricky! And STAR worthy.
  12. Use the problems on page 7 in your instruction.
  13. Domino patterns are a great visual for multiplication.
  14. You tube raps? Games for X flashcards. Skip counting! Greg Tangs "The Best of Times"
  15. Let's look at the assessment. ( if completed yet)
  16. Let's Multiply Game p 166
  17. 9 trick on fingers and patterns. Use in a table with spatial dots (dice patterns)
  18. Key is to use related multiplication fact to solve division. ? x 9 = 63, so 63 divided by 9 = ?
  19. Missing 2 day lesson from the district. Possibly from the Motivation Math books
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Quality Questioning and Sentence Stems:

1. What do you know about this problem? I know.....

2. What are you trying to figure out? I am trying to figure out......

3. What do you need to consider? I think I need to consider......

Math IStation

  • new universal screener
  • only covers number and operations
  • Mary began testing on Wednesday during block
  • middle of year testing will be for all students that you have concerns for
  • training webinars will be coming soon
  • Is for K-4 and can be used for progress monitoring
  • BOY test should only take about 20 minutes

Math Block and CPC Schedules Needed

This is for a "typical" math block on a "typical" day and also need a CPC schedule. Send to