WMS Friday Forecast

March 15 - Week 27

The Importance of Change During Adolescence

As your kids move from being little guys to bigger guys, there are changes in practices that we do at school, and some you can consider at home. Here are a few thoughts:

  • In elementary school, the principal or teacher may have contacted you often about student misbehavior. In middle school, we tend to handle more of the discipline and consequences at school. We don't always notify parents for smaller things as there are more natural consequences in middle school. We always notify parents for bigger or chronic issues and the associated consequences.
  • When students are younger, teachers and parents may go above and beyond to prevent a student from failing. In middle schools, we know that failure is sometimes OK, and even important, as students become self-actualized about their own behaviors and habits. We are still a partnership for success, but sometimes struggle and failure teaches important lessons.
  • In middle school, we expect that students will become stronger advocates for themselves. We want them to inquire about missing school work, talk to a teacher if they need support, and talk to an adult if they feel disrespected. This is one of the greatest skills we can teach our kids.
  • Grade checking is one of those great challenges at middle school. Instead of daily checks, we suggest weekly checks, probably Friday or Saturday, to see if work is missing, what assignments are coming up, and what current grades are. If your child is on top of their work, probably every 2 weeks makes sense. Daily checks tend to be more stress-inducing and don't give kids time to fix things.

Being a parent is tough! We are partners with you in supporting your RedHawk, so please reach out to Wredling staff if you need support.



Attention 6th and 7th Grade Parents:

Most of our 6th and 7th-grade students got some sort of lunch on Friday. Some kids were not able to get their lunchboxes and were given something to eat from our Cafeteria. By accident, some kids were charged. D303 will be removing charges on our Wredling student accounts for any lunches on Friday, 3/8/2019. You should see the credit back in the next week or two.


I am looking for a parent to help us develop an app for the Chromebook that would allow us to track student feelings on the Mood Meter. Ideally, they would have their own Google login for the app, and then track their emotion at the start and end of a period of time. If you have that skill or know of a local company who could help us, please contact Tim Loversky at tim.loversky@d303.org.

Dear Parents:

We are going to highlight one student per week who does something different, unusual, special, or exciting. If your child fits that profile, he/she can write a short blurb that we will highlight in Friday Forecast. Please have your child submit the text and a couple of photos to Mr. Loversky. Our first student is being featured below:

Spotlight On: Alyssa Watanapongse

When I was five, I told my mom that all I wanted to do was ride horses. She found a local horse stable that taught me the basics of riding. Soon, I fell in love with horseback riding. I currently ride with Brittany Nystedtt at Meadow Brook Stables in Maple Park, IL. Recently, I participated in The National Academy Champion Horse Show in Tennessee, where I qualified for finals. I now participate in about a dozen horse shows a year with the 2019 show season coming up fast! I ride Saddlebred horses, which is different from English, jumping and Western riding. I just got a horse of my own whose name is Tahlia, which means “waiting for something big.” Since horseback riding is not a school sport, the organization, USEF, provides an athletic lettering program. I hope to “letter” for many years to come. Tahlia and I are hoping for many blue ribbons!
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Parent Letter Regarding Upcoming Testing

It is time for the Annual Operation Snowflake event!

This year, the event for all D303 middle school students is scheduled for April 18, 2019 at Wredling. The event itself will run from 3:30 pm until 9:00 pm.

What is Snowflake?

Operation Snowflake is a leadership organization which focuses on building leadership capacity in middle school students. Snowflake also has a prevention focus, which helps adolescents and teens to help themselves, their peers and their community. The focus on attitudes, feelings and education provides the basis for personal growth.

Who can attend?

The event is open to any 6th, 7th, or 8th grade student at Thompson and Wredling. Transportation from Thompson to Wredling will be provided the day of the event.

What is the cost for the students?

The total cost for Operation Snowflake is $25. This fee includes dinner, snacks, workshop materials, a t-shirt and hours of fun and games. There is an early registration fee of $20 if forms are turn in by March 8th! Scholarships for this event are available.

Why do we have an event?

More and more, we are hearing that many of the most difficult situations that teens face stem from middle school. Operation Snowflake is an opportunity for students to make connections with positive peer and adult role models.

If you have any questions, please contact Jolene Weir at Jolene.Weir@d303.org or call 331-228-6717.

Registration forms for the event can be found in the main office at Thompson and Wredling Middle School Campuses. There's a copy below for your convenience!

Registration forms can also be found linked here as well.

Wredling Activity Calendar

This calendar is always being updated!

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Angst Follow-Up Session # 3

Join us on April 16 to learn strategies to assist and respond to your child when they are feeling anxious. A representative from Tri-City Family Services, along with D303 staff will offer insight on how to help your child deal with anxiety.


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Attention all dancers attending St. Charles North next year!

Tryouts for the 2019-2020 Dance Team will be held in April. A parent and dancer mandatory informational meeting will be on April 4th at 6:00 pm in room 302 at St. Charles North. Tryout dates will be April 8th, 9th, 15th, and 16th from 7-9pm in the Small Gym and the full tryout will be April 17th in the Mezzanine from 5-9pm. We hope to see you there! If you have any questions, please contact Coach Andrea at andrea.leith@d303.org. Make sure you follow us on Twitter: @SCNDT1 and on Facebook: @SCNDance

There's a copy of our flyer below:

Wredling Middle School - Home of the Redhawks

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