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The Top 10 Reasons to MEET in Spokane

#1- Everything is within your reach with our WALKABLE downtown area

#2- Our 164,000+ square feet of FLEXIBLE SPACE at the Spokane Convention Center

#3- Great downtown destination that is AFFORDABLE to you and your attendees

#4- Spokane International Airport, a quick 10 MINUTE ride to downtown, with DIRECT FLIGHTS from over 10 cities

#5- LODGING OPTIONS from full service to select service

#6- ABUNDANT DINING options with every flavor sure to satisfy everyone's taste buds

#7- PERSONALIZED support service from our staff at Visit Spokane

#8- ATTRACTIONS for EVERYONE from city life to outdoor life all year long and in close proximity

#9- We are surrounded by UNBEATABLE SCENERY, an escape from work and home

#10- Our outstanding history of SATISFIED meeting planners and convention attendees

The City of Spokane

Your perfect meeting destination.

Unwind after your meeting

However you relax after a day of meetings, Spokane has it covered.

Our scenic views

From our exciting downtown city life to the adventures and relaxation of all nature has to offer, it's right outside your hotel in Spokane.

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