Social Worker

Vanessa Hernandez

Career Project Questions?????

1.) What is your career?

-Social Worker

2.) Brief description of what you will be doing in your job?

- Helping children, families, and the homeless, when needing counseling and advice. And meeting their needs.

3.)How much will I earn in a year?

-A social worker earns an average of $42,003 a year.

4.)How much education do I need?

-Bachelor's Degree(4 year college)

-Master's Degree

5.)What college will best prepare me for my occupation?

-The University of Michigan School of Social Work

6.)How much will I travel with this job?

-You really don't travel it just depends where you would like to be stationed and where it's offered.

7.)What skills do I have already that will help me in this occupation?

-I have babysitted all my life, also I have been a great help to advice and hear to those who need it, such as family and friends.

8.)Why do I want this job?

-I want to do this job because, it involves helping the people who want to be heard btu, aren't being heard.

9.)Where will I be located with this job....exact location?

- The Social Care Network.

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