By Mason and Makayla

How is oil formed, ways to conserve it, and how is it used

Oil is formed from dead animals and plants that lived millions of years ago which means it's non-renewable. And some ways to conserve it are walk instead of drive, ride with a friend, and turn down the termastat at your house. Oil is used mainly for making gasoline which can be used for transportation, to make shoes, for farm fertilizer, and all plastic.

Advantages and disadvantages, where is it mostly found, and the harmful effects it has on Earth

The advantages of using this resource are oil is a ready made fuel and realitivly cheap to extract and to convert into energy. The disadvantages are when burned it gives off atmospheric pollutants including greenhouse gases and it has a limited supply. It is mostly found in Saudi Arabia, Russia, United States, Iran, and China. The harmful effects of it Hamas on Earth are that it pollute the air, water, and land.