Ashley Frazier

An Aspiring Peer Leader

All About Me!

My name is Ashley Frazier, I enjoy being active and playing sports such as soccer. I have been on the Student Leadership Team for two years. I have learned a great deal about how to be a leader by helping out at the Elementary schools. Although I love being active and involved, I can be lazy and relaxed from time to time.

3 words and facts

Three words that would describe me are: Athletic, smart, funny

Three qualities I possess for being a great leader:

  • I am very responsible
  • I love helping others
  • I have initiative and like to get things done quickly but correctly

"If serving is below you, Leadership is beyond you." -Anonymous

What I hope to gain

  • I hope to learn how to become more organized
  • I how to become even more responsible
  • I hope to gain the leadership skills to carry through high school and on to college

Leader who inspires me

Someone who inspires is my mother. I learned to be involved from her. She always was working for the PTA at my elementary school and kindergarten class. She was always orchestrating dances, carnivals, and attending meetings which is how I learned to become involved in school and activities.