The civil war Film rubric

By: Grant Smith

Gods And Generals

This film was about the civil war and how the generals in both the south and north army were a big part in the war. The film was focused on how the generals of each side commanded there men in battle and throughout the war.This film was also focused on the events leading up to the battle of Gettysburg. there were many characters in this movie that did a great job acting out there person. the main person that did a great job was Robert Duvall. He Played the Character of Robert E. Lee. He was one of the best generals in the film. He was one of the many actors to do a great job in acting out their character.
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Gettysburg (1993)

This film was based on the battle of Gettysburg. It was focused on the tactics and how the generals commanded there men at Gettysburg. The battle was Fought over a time period of three days. the first day was one by the south, the second day was the day that the north pushed down the hill with a bayonet charge, this made the battle a stalemate for the second day. the Third day was won by the North. This was the turning point in the war that gave the Union the advantage in the war. From here on out the union controlled the civil war. The characters in the film were mainly generals and a couple soldiers. The main character in this film was general Longstreet. He is a General for the Union army. He is a very good actor and plays his roll very well. Longstreet was the General who was very passive in war and did not ever want to attack,he also thought that the confederate army was not the immediate enemy. Another Character in the film was Sgt. buster Kilrain. He was the general who Fought for the union and Died at Gettysburg. this actor Was also great at playing the roll of his character.
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This film was about the troop in the 54th Massachusetts infantry Regiment. This was a Black regiment in the civil war. The film showed how the men were trained and formed to fight in combat. there first act of contact was to invade a small village, here there commander General Shaw was forced to tell them to fire the town. Later in the film the 54th Regiment was the Regiment that was in charge of leading the attack on fort Wagner. Here the Regiment was wiped out as most all of the men were killed or wounded. the 54th was treated the same as the white men during there training which made them fight the same as a regular soldier in the civil war. The Characters in this movie did a excellent job of acting their character out. The best one i thought was Private Trip. This was a fictional character in the film, but this was the best played character in the film. This character was played by Denzel Washington who wins a academy award for the film due to his acting. The other actors did a well job of acting their characters, but not quite as well as Private trip.
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this film was about how president Lincoln acted during the last couple years of the war.
It shows how Lincoln worked his was up to where the constitution passed the 13th amendment and how he helped the Union win the Civil war. This movies was based mainly on politics during the more than focused on the combat part. This film showed how the constitution worked together to pass the amendment to free the slaves before the war was over. this was done because the amendment would more than likely not pass after the southern states re join the nation. this id because these states would not vote toward the amendment to pass. At the end of this film President Lincoln is Assassinated by John Wilkes booth. The actor of Lincoln was one of the best acting rolls out of ll the films during the civil war in my opinion. The characters in this film were very good actors and did a great job of playing the roll of their character. The best character in my opinion was Abraham Lincoln who was played by the actor Daniel De-Lewis. he did a great job of comparing his character to the real life Lincoln. He did a good portraying the personality of Lincoln in the film. I believed that Lincoln was one of the best films out of the civil was and i also think that the character of Lincoln was the best played roll out of the films.
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Personal Take Away

I have learned many things about the civil war from these Four films. I have learned that the Generals were a huge part in the events leading up to the battle of Gettysburg form the film Gods and Generals. I learned that the battle of Gettysburg was a battle fought over three days and had many tactics and strategy involved in it. I also learned that it was a huge victory for the Union, and was considered a turning point in the war. I learned that the black Regiment of the 54th Massachusetts was treated the same as the white soldiers, and that they led the attack on fort Wagner, and were nearly completely wiped out. In the film Lincoln i learned how the constitution and Lincoln worked for the last years of the civil war to try to pass the 13th amendment. This also informed me that the reason that they passed this amendment before the war was over was because after the war the southern states would be re joined to the nation and would not vote to pass the amendment. I believed that out of all these film they were all very good and information packed, but my favorite out of the four would have to be Glory.