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what does socialism mean?

socialism is a economic system that basically system to satisfy human needs..but for sale and profit.
What Is Socialism?

the facts !

Socialism does not mean government or state ownership. It does not mean a closed partyrun system without democratic rights. Those things are the very opposite of socialism. Socialism will be a society in which the things we need to live, work and control our own lives—the industries, services and natural resources—are collectively owned by all the people, and in which the democratic organization of the people within the industries and services is the government. Socialism means that government of the people, for the people and by the people will become a reality for the first time.
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why is socialism better?

Socialism is better because it is more sensitive to the signals of wealth inequality. every socialism countries are successful such as Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. You don't need to be a millionaire, and come one not everybody has a million dollars.
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the basics :)

Socialism means genuine social equality, on a world scale. It means that satisfying the basic rights of the working class, the right to a job, education, health care, a secure retirement, a decent standard of living, a world without war, is the aim of society, Socialism means the extension of democracy to the foundation of all of society, the economic process. It means the control of this process according to a scientific plan for the general improvement of humanity.