Slice and Dice News

Mrs. Dufresne's Second Grade - September 28 - October 2

Curriculum Notes

We are working on using doubles to add and subtract and solving word problems in Math. The kids enjoyed making equations chains last week and are able to demonstrate their knowledge of evens and odds as well as making a ten.

Our theme this week in English Language Arts is "Animals Need Care". We will be working on key details and beginning to write a personal narrative this week. Our genre focus is non-fiction. We will also be participating in a distance learning program with the Texas Wildlife Association about Prickly Porcupines on Tuesday.

Please note that our classroom website has changed. We are now linked directly off the site, under the "teachers" page. Spelling Lists are on there as well as a photo gallery and other information.

Important Dates Coming Up!

October 5 - 9 - Hamilton Homecoming! Dress up days are: Monday - Rock Star Day, Tuesday - Hawaiian Day, Wednesday - Camo or USA Day, Thursday - Neon Day, Friday - Bronc Day.

October 9th - Homecoming assembly and HSD Rally. Homecoming parade at 4:00.

Thursday and Friday, October 15th and 16th - No School (MEA / MFT Educator Days)

Spelling Lists

Unit 1 Week 4

Animals Need Care

Short and long a, a_e

List 1 - bag, tap, ham, bake, ate, mad, tan, pal, made, late, trip, plan, into, done, your

List 2 - bag, cap, ham, bake, ate, mad, back, cape, made, rake, still, belt, into, done, your

List 3 - safety, flames, male, vat, ate, clapping, back, cape, making, rake, still, belt, into, done, your

If your child is on list 3 and needs more of a challenge, they may choose to do the bonus vocabulary words. Bonus words: allowed, care, excited, needs, roam, safe, wandered, wild