Retinitis Pigmentosa Treatment

Finding The Right Retinitis Pigmentosa Treatment In India

Finding The Right Retinitis Pigmentosa Treatment In India

Retinitis pigmentosa is a large group of vision disorders that results in progressive degeneration of the retina. This causes the peripheral vision of the eyes to decrease. Most patients who suffer this condition usually lose their side vision. The central vision too is affected; however this happens at a later stage and can be avoided if treated correctly. There are a number of services for Retinitis pigmentosa treatment in India, but it is essential for you to find the right one which helps to treat this disorder effectively.

Retinitis pigmentosa is usually caused due to deafness, kidney diseases, metabolic disorders, obesity, chromosomal disorders or nervous system disorders. Retinitis Pigmentosa is usually diagnosed during teens or as an early adult. The vision loss in this disorder is very slow, so the sooner the treatment begins the better it is for the patient.

The symptoms of Retinitis Pigmentosa vary from person to person, however some of the most common symptoms include night blindness, blurred vision and loss of side or peripheral vision. If you're experiencing difficult in focusing through the side of your eyes, then you might be suffering from Retinitis Pigmentosa for a while now. When the peripheral vision is affected, a patient feels like they are focusing on objects by looking through a straw.

One of the best ways to diagnose this condition is to visit an eye doctor. A few tests can confirm whether or not a patient is suffering from Retinitis pigmentosa. The sooner this condition is identified, the better the treatment options available. If avoided, Retinitis pigmentosa could affect the central vision of a patient.

The treatment for Retinitis pigmentosa is a slow process; however, once the treatment begins the condition will not worsen. If your peripheral vision is weak and not lost completely, it could be restored with the right medication and treatment. However, if this vision is lost then it is tough to get it back.

Doctors combine a number of medications to help treat Retinitis pigmentosa effectively. Studies also prove that food rich in omega 3 fatty acid DHA is helpful in treating Retinitis pigmentosa. Fish such as Salmon, Tuna and Sardines are great. Vitamin A is also essential and if you've got a family history of Retinitis pigmentosa, then it's a good idea to include all of this in your diet. Patients suffering from Retinitis pigmentosa should protect their eyes from the sunlight. Always wear sunglasses when out in the sun.

Technology these days has advanced and so have the treatment options for Retinitis pigmentosa. While medication could be slow, there are other treatment options such as surgery. However, if you have just got this condition, then medication will work just fine. Patients who have lost their peripheral vision due to Retinitis pigmentosa can consider surgery. This surgery is a major transplant surgery and needs to be conducted under expert supervision. There are a number of eye clinics that provide the right Retinitis pigmentosa treatment options in India, so choose one the suits your needs correctly.