PLN for Young Adult Literature

by Becca LaVoie

Welcome to my PLN!

What is a PLN? A PLN is a Personal Learning Network.

Personal - This is a chance for educatores to make personal connections with other educators, librarians, book lovers, and more. In today's digital world there is no reason a person should try to navigate the world alone. Personal connections with other professionals will help boost your own career.

Learning - Learn from others and let others learn from you! PLNs are a way to find other opinions on new books, methods, and resources. It is a great starting point for new ideas, a great midpoint check in for corraboration, and a great way to disseminate a final project.

Network - The global network is an amazing way to connect with individuals around world who share the same passions as you. There may not be another young adult novel afficiando in your building, but through a network online, you have the ability to connect with others to learn and grow.

Currently my Young Adult Literature PLN consists of blogs, Instagram accounts, Pinterest boards, Twitter feeds, and Websites. I also follow some of the most popular YA authors to read their personal thoughts in addition to their literature.


Check out the Blendspace providing links and descriptions to nine of my favorite YA literature blogs!


Check out the Symbaloo providing links to sixt great Instagram accounts featuring young adult literature!

Pinterest Boards

Check out my Pinterest page with links to great young adult literature sources!

Twitter Feeds

Check out the Symbaloo with links to sixteen great young adult literature twitter feeds!


Check out the Blendspace providing links and descriptions to some of my favorite YA literature websites!


Check out the Blendspace providing links to some of my and my students' favorite YA authors!

About Me

I am Becca LaVoie, a middle school language arts teacher, and I am currently studying to be a school librarian. I hope my PLN is helpful to you, and please send any suggestions you have for additions my way!