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Congratulations on your interest in doTERRA! Whether you are brand new or have been using oils for a long time, please take a look and see if there are other ways to incorporate these wonderful essential oils into your life.

Here is what we do in our home. We use the oils DAILY. I cannot stress this enough. All the research shows that using oils regularly is when you see the greatest benefit. The supplements and the roller bottles (recipes below, we get our bottles on Amazon) are the best ways we have found to do this. Get your Loyalty Rewards Program set up to make your monthly purchases and earn points to get your shipping paid for with free products!

Our family has seen great results with the supplements. We all take them daily, our children take the A2Z and IQ Mega Pack and my husband and I take the Life Long Vitality pack.

The kids each have a set of roller bottles (we buy the bottles on Amazon, see recipes below) in their rooms. One is for sleep, the other for wellness. The sleep is applied to the bottoms of feet, wrists, foreheads and tummies when it is time for sleep or nap. The wellness is applied to the bottoms of feet, along the spine, and all over the chest every morning and night, and this time of year when they get home from school!

We also diffuse oils DAILY. My favorite diffuser is the AromaLite, It can run for 4 or 8 hours. I turn it on every morning and set it for 8 hours. This has been wonderful for us, but also for our dogs. I got a second one to keep where they like to hang out and both of them love it. We keep the AromaAce diffusers in the bedrooms, Kevin uses the Petal diffuser in his office at work.

When you are beginning to try new oils I always recommend diluting them a bit for the younger kiddos and start applying on the bottoms of feet. Begin once or twice a day and go from there. If you see that it is helping, just reapply as needed. If you do not see any change, try diluting less and explore if another oil might be a better fit. Other great places to apply some oils are behind the ears and on the wrists.

What else do we do? We use On Guard tooth paste and hand soap. The skin care (Verage) and hair care lines are also part of our daily routines. Remember, a good rule of thumb is if you wouldn't eat it, don't put it on you. We add a variety of oils to smoothies and cook with them. Lemongrass and ginger are two of our favorites. We also drink them regularly. I have a Slim and Sassy shake every morning for breakfast (with the Terra Greens in it) and we almost always put lemon in our water glasses. We keep a glass spray bottle in every bedroom with about 20 drops each of lavender, serenity and vetiver then we mist the bedding and pillows just before climbing in, it's heavenly! Kevin keeps the On Guard softgels in his office in case he feels a cold coming on. Oils are great for cleaning with too. Adding a few of your favorites to glass spray bottles and spray to wipe down counters and windows are great.

Find your favorites and use them daily! Like Essentially Summer on Facebook for more ideas on how to use and enjoy your oils.

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How do you see yourself?


  • Interested mainly in being a Wellness Advocate and purchasing products for themselves and their household. They also want to learn more about the role essential oils can play in health and wellness.


  • When they think of different products, they readily think of others that they would like to share with. They are also interested in earning enough in bonuses to pay for their monthly Loyalty Rewards order.


  • They are interested in building a doTERRA business to be able to replace other income. They actively seek to initiate and teach classes to introduce others to essential oils and to the business opportunity. Builders also seek to learn the business and teach others on their team.

If you are interested in our business opportunity, please let me know! The oils have been a blessing for our family is so many ways.

Check out: https://www.smore.com/67dxt-build-with-us for more information!


To login, go to http://www.mydoterra.com/ and it will link you to your virtual back "office" where you log-in with your member ID and password. If you need help, doTERRA's customer service is awesome! 1-800-411-8151

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