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We try to highlight the most important information for 5th grade here, please read the Cougar Connection for school-wide events and announcements.

Thanksgiving Break- November 25-27

Afternoon half-day- November 30

December 7th @ 1:45- Dare graduation- Officer Meeks has worked extremely hard for the past few months. We would like to offer him a gift card to thank him for his work. If you would like to contribute, please consider sending in $1-2 to your homeroom teacher for this gift.

We are in need of scissors! We've had several pairs break since the beginning of the school year. If you are in the mood to donate some, we would greatly appreciate it.

Tests Next Week: Bible (Tuesday) Math ch. 4 (Wednesday) D.A.R.E. Essays due Tuesday


"Everyone born of God overcometh the world." - Wonder

To say I've been amazed by the discussions we've had in my classroom this past week, would be an understatement. The questions they are asking each other, the situations they are analyzing, and the emotions they are feeling are exactly what I'd hoped for when beginning this novel study. I've heard your children compare characters' actions to characters in the bible (unprompted by me)! Maybe I'm way too excited about it- but I think you should be just as excited! I love hearing them whine when we have to stop reading to switch classes- yes, I just said I love hearing your children whine and complain!! :) Next week there will be more reading assigned at home since everyone will have their books by then. Please make sure your child is reading the assigned reading at home. If they come in without being caught up, they will have to sit in the hallway to catch up, and will miss out on our class discussions.

Thank you so much for buying/borrowing this book- I urge all of the parents to read this book as well, and have meaningful conversations with your brilliant, beautiful children.

Because we will still be working through Wonder next week, we will NOT be having a spelling test next week (or the week of Thanksgiving).

DARE essays are due Tuesday- I asked for first drafts to be turned in yesterday so that I could help edit them. I still haven't seen first drafts from some students. If they bring in first drafts Monday I will still help them edit them. This will be a test grade.


We have had a busy week studying the Reconstruction Years and Segregation, with lots of deep conversations!

Our test will be this Friday, the 20th.

A study guide is attached. Let me know if you are unable to view it.

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Test over Ch. 4 will be on Wednesday.


The Judges bible test will be TUESDAY 11/17 (we decided one more day would be helpful)

Below you will find videos from Cooper's and Leyhew's class chapel programs- (the end of Leyhew's chapel didn't get videoed due to technical difficulties. However, Daniel explained the life lessons learned from the study of Jacob and Esau, after the assembly watched their video. These life lessons included- don't trick others, trust in God and forgive others.

(Bowman's chapel will be next week.)

Cooper's Chapel
Leyhew's Chapel