4K News

December 11

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas around here...

Our little elves have been very busy decorating our classroom for the holiday season. I hope your refrigerators are ready for all their wonderful creations!

Holiday Play Center Materials

Next week the children will be creating Santa's Workshop in our dramatic play area. We are planning to have a gift wrapping station, toy shop, and card making station. If you have extra wrapping paper, ribbons, bows, gift bags, tiny boxes, holiday cards, stickers or any other holiday related item that you would like to donate to our classroom the kiddos would love to have it for their imaginative play!

Literacy Learning

We have been continuing to work on learning our letters while starting to focus more on the sounds they make. As a whole group we have many fun songs that we like to sing during circle time. I included a link to one below. One of our activities last week during small group time was a clothespin matching game. Children matched uppercase to uppercase letters and lowercase to lowercase and the trickiest ... uppercase to lowercase.

Math Learning

This week we practiced our patterning skills with this fun candy cane art project:)

We also enjoyed playing "dot card challenge", a.k.a the card game "war", during our small group time. The children were learning about the concept of more, less and the same. And not only did we practice our math concepts, but we practiced being a good partner and a good sport. While playing we learned that a game is not all about winning, it's about being a kind and respectful friend because not everyone can win... sometimes we have to deal with the disappointment of losing.


We've been filling up our journals with beautiful pictures! Journaling with young children is always a fun way to hear their stories. Not only does it invite children to be creative and use their experiences to share ideas, journaling with preschoolers is a step toward developing emergent writing skills in addition to making text to speech connections. Journal writing builds children’s confidence in their writing ideas. It allows children to learn to stay focused on writing tasks. As children develop, they will start to add more details to their drawings and they will begin to label pictures with letters or words.

4K Progress Report Parent Letter

Your child's first trimester progress report is now available in Infinite Campus. The link below will guide you through the process of logging in to find the report. Just a reminder that the learning targets you see on the 4K Progress Report are end of the year expectations, so we do not expect students to be receiving Proficient (3) in the first trimester. Our goal for first trimester is Emerging (1) and second trimester our goal is Developing (2). If you have questions or concerns please let me know :)