leprechaun trap

leprechaun trap

leprechaun trap

we are doing a project in science called the leprechaun trap in this project you build and try to trap a leprechaun aka green dude so im going to use a pulley and paper to make a rainbow and hang it up from box and then use penny's as stairs and cover the penny's in green construction paper to attract the leprechaun to go up the stairs because they love the color green

leprechaun trap

so the leprechaun trap is a good idea to do a project of catching a leprechaun so i'm going to try to make a pulley then a rainbow and i,m going to make stairs to catch the leprechaun and go in to the cage so i get a good grade on it

leprechaun use to do it

leprechaun fun

In order to do this i am going to have to use

a box

cut a door like a wedge

cut a hole

leprechaun buddies

these our some of our leprechaun buddies i got them on line but i think they look good together so i'm going to keep them together so all of them can get trapped