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Get to Know the New Horizons Educational Foundation

The New Horizons Educational Foundation (NHEF) raises funds via corporate donations, private donations, and the annual charity golf classic to provide:

Academic Scholarships to Career and Technical Education (CTE) and Governor’s School for Science and Technology (GSST) students;

Honorariums for the transition from school to work for Career and Technical Education (CTE) and;

Incentive Funds for positive behavioral supports as part of the Regional Special Education program.

Teacher of the Year Program that recognizes one outstanding educator annually that embodies the spirit of our charter to illuminate minds, ignite passions, and shape futures.

Teacher Innovation Grants to teachers and instructional staff to support an experimental student experience, a groundbreaking instructional program, or a project-based learning unit.

The Education Foundation raised over $53,500 during the 2021-2022 school year!

New Horizons CTE Challenge

In the Career & Technical Education Centers (CTE), the Good Life Solution Program (GLS) challenges students at both campuses to complete Workforce Wednesday assignments.

Workforce Wednesday is an initiative that allows students to collaborate as a team and gain experience in professionalism in a wide variety of subjects, such as social media. Since its inception, the challenges have grown along with @newhorizonscte TikTok page. The most recent challenge involved students sending in creative videos of different TikTok dances and creative videos.

This challenge cultivated excitement among the campuses and with a total of thirty-one (31) submissions, the competition was high. The winner will be chosen by the CTE Administrative Team and will be announced at the end of January.

To see the winning video when it is announced or to check out all the great things happening at New Horizons CTE, follow @newhorizonscte on TikTok.

New Horizons Educational Foundation is Fundraising Through the Amazon Smile Program

The New Horizons Educational Foundation has joined forces with the Amazon Smile program to fundraise for our outstanding student scholarship and honorarium program. This is a fantastic way for YOU to participate and support our student scholarship and honorarium efforts at NO COST to you! Please consider joining this opportunity!

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CareerTech Vision Visit

Mia Stephens, assistant principal, of Butler Farm CTE Campus, attended the 2022 Association for Career and Technical Education CareerTech Vision conference in Las Vegas. She learned and worked with new technology and CTE processes, such as the Anatomage table.

Spirit Week!

Staff and students alike engaged in the Career & Technical Education spirit week at the Butler Farm campus. Ugly sweaters, elves, and antlers were seen as students and staff showed their festive spirit.

Accolades to High Achieving Students

The administrative team at Career and Technical Center Butler Farm campus recognized students who achieved honor roll and perfect attendance. Great work, students!

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Building Construction partners with NASA & Johnson Space Center

In a partnership with NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) HUNCH, NASA Langley, and Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX, our Building Construction students are getting the real-world experience of “building the plane while you fly it.” Students have been tasked with tearing down a glove box bound for the International Space Station. They will then obtain precise measurements, log them, and submit them back to partners to produce exact blueprints for replication.

Technicality Time

Students in Electricity and Renewable Energy are learning to angle and bend conduit, while those in Cosmetology I are learning how to perform a Zero Degree Cut. It is all about technique!

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Drills, Drills, and more Drills

The Fire Science Cadets received their first taste of full-gear exercise drills before the Winter break. Not a single cadet surrendered to their physical exhaustion. Their mental fortitude blazed through, with amazing determination. Great work cadets!

Welcoming LEAD Peninsula Group

The LEAD Peninsula Group made a stop by the campus to learn all about New Horizons, its staff, and the excellent quality students and future employees we educate. Many great questions were answered, and multiple excited guests all sang the same tune…“I wish I had something like this when I came through!”

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Top High School Achievement 2023

The Governor's School for Science and Technology (GSST) is named Virginia Living's Top High School for 2023. Watch for the March/April 2023 Virginia Living Magazine issue to see GSST's highlight.

Computational Physics

To understand the static and dynamic properties of fluids, students of the Computational Physics class at the Governor's School for Science and Technology (GSST) explored Pascal’s principle. They learned how to find the buoyant force on an object in a fluid using Archimedes’ principle. Students also learned how siphons work – a practical siphon, operating at typical atmospheric pressures and tube heights, works because of gravity pulling down on the taller column of liquid leaves.

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Junior Research

Teams in the Engineering, Design, and Entrepreneurship module of the junior year Research Methodology and Ethics course were tasked to research, design, and deliver to a client a 1000pF (picofarad) capacitor meeting a host of specific client requirements, such as minimum dielectric strength, overall dimensions, locally-sourced-only materials, etc. Students applied newly learned engineering methods and design procedures to best meet their client’s needs.
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Holiday Spirit

Staff celebrated the 12 days of the Holidays with staff and students who participated in an ugly sweater day and enjoyed some gifts with a special visit from Santa. The Center for Autism and Newport Academy also hosted the first annual "T'was the Day Before the Holidays" collaboration event with York Middle School (YMS) students and the Arts Department. The collaboration of students resulted in creating a mural and enjoying some holiday tunes from the York Middle Chorus.

Welcoming Word Walls

With a focus on literacy for all students. Classrooms are developing engaging and interactive word walls. Word Walls can be a highly effective visual support for students to enhance their vocabulary. Based on individual student needs Word Wall and Sound Wall activities can be found throughout the classrooms at Kiln Creek.

Letter Blends

The Center for Autism's littlest learners participated in a lesson on letter blends. Students can access hands-on materials and manipulatives to enhance the learning experience and increase engagement. Items presented begin with the targeted blends, and students utilize their communication systems to request items throughout the lesson. Staff is in close proximity to support our learners by modeling the desired behavior without expectation. The Center for Autism at Kiln Creek is leading the way in effectively implementing research-based strategies to support students!

Proud Partnership

Center for Autism Kiln Creek Campus is proud to announce its partnership with the University of North Carolina's Center for Literacy and Disability Studies! The Kiln Creek campus will be participating in this research project as a pilot site for implementing targeted literacy routines, lessons, and professional development.
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Book Donation

The Center for Autism Kiln Creek enjoyed boxes of high-interest books for students. The donation from Harriet's Book Store in Philidelphia, Pennsylvania helped promote students' love of literacy, thank you!
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Unity in the Community

The Center for Apprenticeship & Adult Training (CFAAT) staff Kaylee Fortney and Erika Wilson helped support a Unity in the Community CFAAT initiative supporting Queen Street Baptist Churchs’ Toy Drive. CFAAT donated two bikes, multiple RC vehicles, and many other items that these children will receive on Christmas day to unwrap!

Making Connections

The Center for Apprenticeship & Adult Training (CFAAT) is making connections with students at our Menchville High School open house event put on by Menchville’s amazing counseling team! The staff shared all of the amazing class offerings CFAAT has, as well as all of our agency partner information for removing stubborn barriers to education (funding).

Tiny House, Big Impact

The Construction Technology Cohort is at its mid-point, and students are about to begin construction on the “tiny house” with leadership and instruction from instructor Daniel Broadhurst. The work students complete in the classroom crafting the tiny house helps them be prepared for the real world, otherwise known as work-based learning. Great work, students!

Another Full Welding Class

The spring 2023 welding cohort started on January 19th with all booths filled. Instructor Ed Dupree and his students are off to a great start learning safety and basics, as well as beginner welds.
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December to Remember

The Out-of-School students attended a financial literacy seminar hosted by Candice Bryant, Certified Financial and Career Coach, Urban League of Hampton Roads, Inc. & BRIDGE757. They also learned about saving and investing from Regina Leigh, Regional Vice President of Primerica Shareholder Services.

Welcoming New Partners and Re-Establishing Old Ones

New partner, Dominion Patient Care Services, is a medical group practice located in Newport News, VA, that specializes in Addiction and Substance Abuse Counseling and Internal Medicine. They will be providing training for one of our Phlebotomy Technician students, Taina.

Long-time work experience partner, Available Mental Health Services, delivers behavioral health services to individuals and family systems in the southeastern region of Virginia. They provide full-spectrum, on-demand quality care in a variety of settings to improve the lives of our clients. They will be providing training for two of our Medical Administrative Assistant students, Novella and Zacoria.

Our new partner, In His Hands, offers support (a structured program of care) that meets the physical, emotional, and health and safety needs of adolescents and adults. They will be providing training for one of our Medical Administrative Assistant students, Ja’Haree.

Hampton Roads Convention Center Visit

The Youth Workforce Center supported Virginia Career Works at the recent Celebrate Community Health, Wellness, Career, and Business Fair at the Hampton Roads Convention Center to represent and inform possible candidates of the great opportunities at Youth Workforce Center.

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York County Mental Health Awareness

Flanagan Counselor Education Clinic joins with York County Public School's Mental Health Awareness events!

Couples Counseling is Here!

Couples or relationship counseling involves conversations between people in a committed relationship that seek to create better intimacy and understanding. Counselors offer a variety of tools and resources that seek to foster healthy communication that will encourage the relationship to thrive.

A few common reasons to seek couples or relationship counseling include:

  • Making decisions about the relationship
  • Premarital counseling
  • Strengthening emotional and communication bonds
  • Developing problem-solving skills
  • Learning to meet each other's needs
  • Gaining new perspectives to enhance the relationship

If you are interested in receiving services or are seeking more information, contact us at 757-221-2363 or email us at Before the session, an intake will be completed, and clients will be assessed for appropriateness for the clinic. Counselors in the Flanagan Counselor Education Clinic are unable to see clients that are currently experiencing domestic or intimate partner violence. If the level of care the Flanagan Counselor Education Clinic offers is not suitable for the client(s), an appropriate referral may be provided.

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SSPARK: Skills & Support for Parenting Adaptive and Resilient Kids

In partnership with the Williamsburg Health Foundation, The Flanagan Counselor Education Clinic is excited to announce SSPARK: Skills and Support for Parenting Adaptive and Resilient Kids. This is a free resource for interested families.

SSPARK is a group for parents of children 3-12 years old, designed to provide information about child development and parenting skills to strengthen parent-child communication and cooperation. While parents are in group, children 5+ can participate in Student Success Skills, a group designed to help kids develop academic, social, and self-management skills. For children under 5, or those who do not participate in Student Success Skills, childcare will be provided.

Who: Parents and children in the Greater Williamsburg Region

When: Tuesdays from 6:00-7:30pm, starting October 11

Where**: Flanagan Counselor Education Clinic, 301 Monticello Ave, Williamsburg, VA 23185

**Virtual options for parents may be available!

For more information or to enroll, visit

Staff Highlight

From the Flanagan Counselor Education Clinic, the New Horizons Family Counseling Center highlights Vicky Arriola! Arriola is a second-year Master's student in the Couples, Marriage, and Family Counseling Program at William and Mary.
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