Khatri Maza

Movies and American Identity

"Identity" is a very vague term with different meanings. What is identity? "This refers to cultural values ​​or prospects of an individual with more force is related to, for example, an Asian identity" (SCP), khatrimaza "The distinctive character or personality of an individual" (Arts Connected Organization), "includes the qualities that distinguish one person from another "(Encarta Encyclopedia)" The distinctive character or personality of an individual "(Britannica). The very concise definition of "Identity" is made in the question of "Who am I?" It refers to the characteristics and specific and unique features that differ from others. Represents the real "I" of the person and the behaviors and desires because it understands the "I". Like most human characteristics identity is formed through a process very long and deep.

Personal continuity and be unique are the most important factors of identity formation. Needless to say that people in addition to their personal identity that is formed mainly in families and schools in very young ages, acquire their social identity according to what group they belong; belonging to family, ethnic, religious or even at work groups. These group identities are necessary for people to define themselves in the eyes of both others and themselves.

Erik Erikson has been widely discussed "Identity Formation" under his theory of "stages of development", who believes that identity formation extends from birth to adulthood. Affirms that this identity formation begins in childhood and goes along adolescence and also gains importance in adolescence. Having had physical growth, sexual maturation, and various occupational opportunities, adults integrating their previous experiences and acquired characteristics will begin, specifically through childhood, in a fixed, permanent -perhaps- identity. But the basics of identity is constructed in childhood and adolescence. Therefore, we can say that the most significant period of construction of identity is childhood.

Predictive obstacle through formation identity identity crisis can be caused for various reasons and circumstances. According to Erikson, the crisis can be resolved by one's progress through the earlier stages of development, guidance on basic questions of life such as confidence, autonomy and motives. "JE Marcia illustrates four common ways in which people deal with the challenge of identity formation. Those who passed successfully resolved and the identity crisis referred to as" ". Others who are trying to make commitments without questioning or investigating alternatives are called "identity succeeded identity-foreclosure," which are "fuzzy identity" flee decisions about their future they can not do total commitments wholeheartedly careers, values, or others. By contrast, those in the group "" moratorium are struggling and experiencing an ongoing crisis as they try to "find themselves." (Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology)

Undoubtedly, companies are seeking generations "identity achieved." Therefore, the generation of young or even adults are not going to be struggling with his "I" or society to find moral values ​​when they are mature enough to work and produce labor for society. To take generations to this level of identity, societies must be regulated plans to educate and treat children of very young ages; so that these values ​​and morals learned will be strengthened through ages. Cultural environment can best help and educate children. This process of identity formation has always been very dominant through years of Hollywood.

The Troy Of Hollywood Movies

That a country with only 17 miles long and 9 miles in diameter can khatrimaza be fascinating enough to draw travelers from around the world can remain unintelligible to people who either have not visited Malta or heard of his huge industry Desk. The fact that the country imports almost all its food and other consumer goods and that depends on tourism to generate the income needed to realize what a holiday in Malta can be.

With a history of more than a few thousand years, Malta boasts of home to some of the most attractive landmarks in the world. Along with this, there's rich cultural heritage, nightlife and festivals around years to make a holiday to Malta more than just a travel tour. No wonder that Hollywood movies like Troy, Gladiator and Alexander were filmed on the sunny side of the island!

The specialty of Malta is that despite rapidly changing, places of historical interest of the country have not faded. Unlike other countries where innovations are made at the cost of destroying history, this small island country could continue his story somehow intact. But the historical sites have not reduced the country to a regular museum. Rather, a holiday to Malta will discover that along with its prehistoric mystery, a number of modern attractions are waiting.

Life in Malta is lively and cheerful. You will have a fully packed schedule of events festivals and activities throughout the year. Escape yourself in the solitude of the island or participate in the carnival; get a tan on the shore island or dip into some Maltese dishes. Holidays to Malta [] be an ideal place for those looking to spend their convalescence option. The country is rapidly growing as a medical tourism destination. That ranks fifth on the list of WHO is proof that you will succeed in your endeavor.

Hollywood Movies

For decades Hollywood has been making films of different genres. One such genre is sex and violence. But do these films do well at the box office khatrimaza or are really appreciated by people all over the world? Well, some of them admire, while most of them discarded if they can not relate to the characters.

Contents are hot and sensual part of Hollywood movies that pulls people to the theaters. The characters do a sizzling input during a scene that tunes the mood of a person and brings them to a different world. But scenes like these do not make Hollywood films to break box office records.

Of course, us got tempted by these sizzling scenes so do our children. Movies should be based on strong writing, good storyline and a unique form of script. These are the elements that make movies for stardom.

Although there are certain films that had such disturbing scenes, however, have managed to break the jinx box office and won numerous awards. It is because people have liked.

Titanic, The Graduate, The Reader and many of those movies that bagged Oscar, Golden Globe and BAFTA Award and became the people's choice. While films like "Basic Instinct", "Species", "cold area" and many more such films containing scenes such adulterous failed miserably at the box office. These films really work outside history and show very much in the intimate scenes you need advice from parents when seen at home.

Movies are meant to entertain the spectators and must manage to pull a huge number of the theater crowd. But, containing as it fails miserably at the box office films driving outside the theaters within a week. Movies should be for everyone, including children, but adulterous scenes are caused by the letter "A", which excludes children from getting into the theaters.

We all know these movies, but it's better to do a romantic film like "Gone with the Wind" and "Titanic" to do the film having intimate scenes. Sometimes these films tend to show some unexpected scenes that might disturb our feelings.

Before launching an adult movie, the censorship board takes an exhaustive control in these films, and goes with an "A" grade. The movie theater success with the alphabet printed on the poster, people get to know about the quality and contain. This is why censorship board plays a crucial role in approving any film before its release.

Although the editors have a crucial role in containing edition of the film, however, the censorship board plays a role to unveil the final approval before launch. The panel of censorship has a firm look of the film and juries decide scenes that part must be eliminated and that one should be in the movie.

Star System of Hollywood Movies

In 1910, the DWGriffith director with his troops, began filming in downtown Los Angeles khatrimaza. While looking for a suitable place was found in a town that was miles to the north - 'Hollywood'. The first film shot in Hollywood Griffith was "In Old California" a melodrama of California. Working comprehensive research identifies a number of points that ushered in the beginning of Hollywood movies. But it was "Birth of a Nation" Griffith, who was the pioneer who whistled an endless journey of American cinema.

Gradually, with the growth of the industry of Hollywood, the films were shown in Nicholodeon rooms. Ambitious people in terms of production emerged as the chief control of film studios. They helped the internationalization of films to reduce America-centric provincialism. At the height of its popularity, the industry produced about 400 films a year, with an audience of 90 million Americans per week.

American studies, however, face greater difficulties when their sound productions were rejected in various markets foreign language. Furthermore, the synchronization technique was too early. Around the 1930s, parallel language versions of films were produced to provide a consistent solution to the problem. With the rapid advancement of synchronization, dubbing also became more realistic.

During the Golden Age of Hollywood (1920-1950), the film industry was at the peak of their success. Adherence to the formula of western slapstick comedy, cartoon music contributed to it. The same creative team worked on films made by the same studio. The most renowned studios were Warner Bros., MGM, RKO, etc. Each studio has its own special characteristics, a feature not seen today. Each film was unique in its own flavor, as the filmmakers were all artists and creative people. The release of the classics that enriched the industry were "Wuthering Heights", "GONE WITH THE WIND ',' Casablanca 'and other timeless masterpieces. In the late 1940s, the separation of the production of films of its exposure and the onset of television led to the decline of the studio system.

The post-classical cinema gave birth to the directors of a new school of thought. They introduced new techniques and strategies developed in the filming and prevailing. Movies like 'Jaws',' Godfather ',' PSYCHO 'and other hits of modern' locker have no doubt adds a new dimension to Hollywood. With independent films, a new generation of filmmakers became focused while making films that were often innovative, critical, unconventional, and contradictory. However, by its considerable financial success and crossover into popular culture, have become a very influential part of Hollywood films.

Over generations, the directors with its unique style and innovations have come up with intellectually stimulating and inspiring creations, so the history of Hollywood movies interesting and amazing.

A Hollywood Movie That Raises

I saw the 2009 film The Soloist with my friends Lisa and Frank in his boat next week. The film, khatrimaza based on the book by Los Angeles Times columnist Steve Lopez is starring Jamie Foxx as Nathaniel Ayers, a prodigy cello that falls outside the Juilliard School of Music and becomes homeless on the streets of Los Angeles because of a schizophrenic breakdown.

Robert Downey Jr. plays Steve Lopez, sensible journalist, always looking for an interesting story, a friend of Ayers is made after hearing him play the violin in the streets. The soloist reminds me of the movie A Beautiful Mind, where brilliant mathematician and economist John Forbes Nash also suffers a mental breakdown like. (I wonder what he would think of the economic situation of our country now.)

While enjoying the music and cinematography Soloist, I do not think we can conclude from this film did Nathaniel suffer a break in his conscience and leave school. While it has been shown that Nathaniel heard voices in his head, the voices were wandering at random, senseless, poltergeist as they seemed to have little to do with reality. I'm not a psychologist, but from what I know, this movie does not seem to accurately portray schizophrenia. If this is really so, the movie does a disservice to schizophrenics and those trying to help.

Although I do not work in the field of psychology, I studied enough to provide another form of schizophrenia seeing consciousness: a condition in which there is a marked disconnect between what one knows instinctively that is true, what is touted as the truth the outside world, and the inability of personality to deal with the lack of connection.

This idea seems to agree with a dictionary definition of schizophrenia: "A psychotic disorder characterized by loss of contact with the environment and the disintegration of personality disorder expressed as feelings, thoughts and behavior."

After the movie I remembered the revealing story of Ignaz Semmelweis, a Hungarian physician who lived from 1818 to 1865. Semmelweis practiced medicine in two clinics in Vienna and became known as the "savior of mothers" when he discovered how to drastically reduce mortality rates of women who give birth. Perhaps the story of Semmelweis can help illuminate at least some cases of schizophrenia.

Before his discovery, Semmelweis was (understandably) anxious that the incidence of puerperal fever and subsequent high mortality rates of women in their two clinics (10-15% in the First Clinic, and 4% in the second Clinic ) were significantly higher than the mortality rates of women who give birth in the streets of Vienna. This fact was known outside hospitals, causing women to beg to be admitted to the Second Clinic (where midwives worked) instead of the most prestigious First Clinic (where medical students examined corpses between births). Some women even prefer to give birth in the streets.