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The SAMRi Enrichment Program Kicks Off

The SAMRi Enrichment program is a volunteer technology professional development game for educators within Downers Grove District #58. The program is focused on improving technology use within the learning process through through the use of the SAMR framework . The SAMR framework was produced by Dr. Ruben Puentedura: SAMR - Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, Redefinition.


Is the goal "Redefinition"?

The ultimate goal is not redefinition all the time. The ultimate goal is to think deeply about technology's impact on learning. When we introduce technology into the learning process, what is happening? Why do we want to use technology?

We need to celebrate the improvement on the learning process. Substitution is a great starting point in many ways. The most interesting feedback on the SAMR framework so far has been the discussion that comes from using it.

What is the difference in Modification and Redefinition?

Modification to Redefinition:

• What is the new task?

• Will any portion of the original task be retained?

• How is the new task uniquely made possible by the new technology?

• How does it contribute to my design?

SAMRi Enrichment Program - Professional Development Game

SAMRi Enrichment Program Game Explanation

1. Starting: Please note, we have chosen to use Edmodo.com as our digital platform (walled garden).

2. Missions and Dialogues: Members (SAMRi Initiates) of the SAMRi enrichment program can work independently and collaboratively through a series of "missions and dialogues". When you complete missions and or join dialogues, you will earn SAMRi points. These points will allow you to earn SAMRi badges. Once you earn a badge, please feel free to proudly display the badge on your school district website, within Edmodo, your email signature, and in any other creative fashion. Basically, celebrate your achievements!

3. Special Missions: As mentioned, once members earn enough points within the program, members will be able to unlock "Special" missions which include a plethora of fun and creative activities including the ability to open new missions for their fellow SAMRi.

4. Winning: Please remember, this is meant to be a fun experience and we all win through sharing our experiences with each other. Faculty can jump into the program at their convenience as missions and dialogue are never time sensitive. We all win when we help each other out and this is simply an ongoing growth experience for us all. The SAMR framework is not meant to show everyone how to constantly use technology within the redefinition layer. The SAMR framework is about reflecting on the purpose of using technology effectively in the learning process. We want to celebrate and share what works from "Substitution" to "Redefinition". Don't worry about winning, have fun and enjoy the process. We have so much creativity within the district that you just never know what we will come up!

Example: SAMRi Enrichment Program Mission #1


Do I have to join immediately? What if I don't join until January or February? etc.

No. This is an activity that you can plug in and out of at any time as we know that everyone has a lot on their plate. This is meant to be a fun learning experience to help share the positive stories that you all have. There is no perfect start or end. At first we were numbering the missions and dialogues to help us organize things but we quickly realized that SAMRi initiates thought they had to do them in order. Nope, jump in and out when you have a chance!

Do I have to do every mission and or dialogue?

No. Feel free to do any mission and any dialogue that you find interesting!

Do I have to post comments to learn from my colleagues?

No. Feel free to just follow what your colleagues are sharing and post at your leisure.

Do I have to try do everything within the redefinition layer?

Absolutely not. We celebrate great substitutional ideas as much as we do redefining moments. Sometimes we all disagree on what level something is within the SAMR framework. The dialogue that ensues is the real benefit to the SAMR model. Substitution and Augmentation are colored Cement color because they are the foundations. We always need a strong foundation to stand on!

Until next time SAMRi ... Have a great start to Becoming SAMRi!