Patricia Polacco

How her childhood influenced her books

Early Years

Patricia Polacco was born on July 11, 1944, in Lansing, Michigan. Soon after her birth she moved to Williamston, Michigan. A little bit after that she moved to her grandparents farm in Union City, Michigan. When she was three her parents were divorced, and they both moved into their parents home far away from each other. They came up with an agreement that she would spend the summer with her dad, and the school year with her mom. In both her mom and dad's house she was the light of her grandparents.

About her books

Patricia Polacco has written over 15 books! She loves writing about things that have happened in her childhood, and the memories she had when she was a little girl. She also gets ideas from the stories that her folks used to tell her. In every one of her books there is a younger person that interacts with an elderly person.