Sexton Mountain Newsletter

March 2019

Principal's note

February brought some surprising weather. The two snow days were certainly a treat. As hard as it is to believe, Spring is right around the corner. As the weather gets warmer, more students will be walking and riding their bikes to school. Remember to drive slowly in the parking lot and stay vigilant. Only release students from the car next to the curb. This will prevent a student from stepping in front of a car in the passing lane. We have many students arriving by car every day. The four way stop keeps the traffic flow from being efficient. Please be patient and help us keep all students safe.

Health room request

The health room is in need of boys or girls pants sizes 5- 10. Please donate if you can or return any pants your child has borrowed. We greatly appreciated it. Pants are at a premium during the winter and spring months.

Kindergarten Barnyard Musical

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Early release time

We are investigating how to support student thinking and providing more intentional opportunities for student's to use mathematical practices.
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Sexton Mountain Drive Calming Project

The City of Beaverton is proposing changes to Sexton Mountain Drive. The map represents the families voting on the project. Two more meetings are scheduled on March 14th & April 11th.

Kindergarten Registration for 2019-2020

Registration for Kindergarten students for next school year is now open online. Please mark your calendar for April 16th @ 5:30 pm for Kindergarten Orientation. Students will have a chance to visit the kindergarten classrooms, and parents will receive information about the new school year. There will be opportunities to ask questions. We are excited to welcome our newest group of Kindergarten students.

Spring Break Reading Challenge

Check out a good book for Spring Break. Books can go everywhere! Students who fill out a reading form and return it by April 5th will receive a glow in the dark book charm for their Sparky's chain. Forms will be displayed in the hallway.

Annual District Asbestos Notice

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March Calendar

March 15-Pajama Day

March 19- PTC meeting @ 3:05

March 21- Second & Third Grade Music Program@6:00pm

March 25-29- Spring Break- No School