Avalon Eagles Newsletter

January 2023

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Click https://www.ccsoh.us/stayinthegame for information about attendance and engagement for academic success.

Important Dates This Month:

January 4- 20 - MOY i-Ready Diagnostic Testing, Reading & Math

January 16 - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - NO SCHOOL

January 17 - Professional Development Day - NO SCHOOL

January 18 - Records Day - NO SCHOOL

January 24 - Second Quarter Grades Available on Parent Portal

January 30 - March 24 - ESL Testing, Ohio English Language Proficiency Assessment (OELPA)

January 31- Parent Teacher Conference Day

Upcoming Dates:

Wednesday, Feb 1 - Professional Development Day - NO SCHOOL

New Calendar On School Home Page!

In order to help our families keep track of various dates, we have created a calendar that houses all known dates in one place for easy reference.

This new calendar is now located on the school's home page for the current month, and includes the following dates:

-Avalon school events

-Avalon testing dates

-Columbus City School District dates (School Closures dates, Board of Education virtual meetings, etc.)

-Virtual Family Engagement Zoom Sessions

-Eagle Zoom Room Sessions

-Northern local library events (After-school homework help, Reading Buddies, etc.)

-Avalon Parent-Teacher Conference dates

Click link to view : https://www.ccsoh.us/avalones

CCS Bus Transportation

Improvements are Coming to Columbus City Schools’ Yellow Bus Transportation Service and Reliability.

Starting January 4th, your child's bus route most likely changed, with a new driver, new pick-up and drop-off times, or a new bus stop location.

Our Transportation team is currently completing all of the new bus routes and schedules. In the coming weeks, you should receive information in the mail with the new bus route and schedule.

Updates will also be sent to parents through email and text messaging. That’s why it’s important that you make sure your contact information is up-to-date at your child’s school. We need your email and phone number, including a cell phone number for text messages.

Information is also being shared with the principal/administrator at your child’s school. Please reach out to the school for more details. More updates will be coming in the weeks ahead.

You can also read more about our Transportation Reliability Improvement Measures on the Columbus City Schools website at ccsoh.us/transportation.

We know families at many of our city’s Charter and Non-Public Schools have been impacted by this year’s unprecedented transportation challenges. We look forward to working collaboratively with you and your child’s school so we can be better partners in reliably busing all of our city’s students safely to school and back home each day.

Slow & Safe Driving in Avalon Parking Lots!

Avalon Elementary needs ALL drivers to drive SLOWLY and use CAUTION at drop-off and pick-up to keep students, families, and staff SAFE. No speeding, please!

Avalon Winter Writing Contest Winners!

The Winter Writing Contest was sponsored by the Parent Advisory Council (PAC) in order give 3rd grade students the opportunity to prepare for the skills needed to take the OST test, which focuses heavily on writing skills, reading comprehension, and the ability to type multi-paragraph answers.

In addition, it was held to give ALL students the opportunity to practice the foundational skills of good writing needed for success in school and in the future.

Congratulations to ALL students who took part in the contest - GREAT JOB!


1st Place: Jayden Adjayi

2nd Place: Ibrahim Nur

3rd Place: Christian Agyekum

First Grade:

1st Place: Briseyda Ramos Sanabria

2nd Place: MaKayla Baylis

3rd Place: Malachi Walker

Second Grade:

1st Place: Mael Adjayi

2nd Place: Michaela Walker

3rd Place: Naomi Johnson

Third Grade:

1st Place: Elissa Clinkscale

2nd Place: Camden Montgomery

3rd Place: Sherlyn Ramos Sanabria

Congratulations on all the hard work and diligence put forth in this writing contest!

January Eagle Zoom Room (Virtual Q&A Session)

Come ask questions and get answers! There's no question too big or too small. We can also show you how to get connected with district and community resources. We also realize you may have questions about the new transportation changes. Feel free to stop in to the Zoom Room and we'll do our best to find answers to your questions.

Thursday, January 19

12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

The Zoom link for this session will be posted on Class Dojo.

See you there!

Are you seeking a way to support your child's education? Is your time limited? But, you want to be involved with the school? Can you commit to at least two hours per month to support your child's education and future? Please contact Candace Walker, Family Ambassador at cwalker9@columbus.k12.oh.us for more information or click this link, https://www.ccsoh.us/domain/4436.

Event Volunteers Needed!

Dear Parents & Caregivers,

We are excited to announce that Avalons’ Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is planning a huge family & community night scheduled for February 15! There will be pizza, games, music, and more!

The time schedule is as follows:
-Set up time: 5:00 - 6:00 pm
-Event Time: 6:00 - 7:30 pm
-Tear Down time: 7:30 - 8:15 pm

Volunteers are needed for the following:
-Set up game stations
-Help decorate the space (tables, walls, etc) with decorations
-Welcome and greet families as they arrive
-Be at the game stations to help run the games, keep things flowing smoothly
-Help hand out goodie bags & materials to families as they leave
-Help tear down and clean up afterward

More details to come regarding the location, as this is still being finalized. The location will be near Avalon Elementary.

If you are interested and are able to commit to time frame of 5:00 - 8:15, please reach out to Candace Walker at cwalker9@columbus.k12.oh.us.

i-Ready Data Results Are In For December!

Students have been working through December on i-Ready reading and math and the results are in!

Every week, the goal is for each student to complete 45 minutes each of both math and reading.

Although students work on i-Ready in school, we strongly encourage parents to have students work on it at home each night as well, in order to reach this goal.

Thank you for your support!

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December i-Ready Data for Reading

Students have been working hard, but we still need to improve in order to ensure all of our students are making the weekly goal of 45 minutes.

57% of students achieved at least 30 minutes a week for Reading.

However, 43% of students did not reach 30 minutes a week for Reading.

With all hands on deck, we can work together to support students to achieve the weekly goal of 45 minutes.

Please have your student work on i-Ready Reading for about 9 minutes each night.

This routine will also help to build those core habits of diligence, consistency, and work ethic, helping them to be successful beyond elementary school.

Together, we can finish out the rest of the school year STRONG!

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December i-Ready Data for Math

64% of students reached at least 30 minutes or more a week on Math.

36% of students did not reach 30 minutes a week for Math.

We need everyone's support to ensure we get all of our students to 45 minutes per week for Math.

We can do this!

Let's finish out the rest of the school year STRONG!

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Third Grade, Ms. Beck's Class

In our class, we have been working on Persuasive Writing. This helps to encourage the children in thinking critically, formulating an opinion, and sharing that opinion effectively.

The children are given a prompt to think in-depth about the characters and the people that they know. Students are instructed to use words and phrases to share their thoughts and ideas clearly.

They have also been working on writing a persuasive letter to Principal Taylor about a policy change that they would like to see implemented at Avalon Elementary.

The picture to the left shows student work that is hung outside of our classroom.

Third Grade, Mr. Bell's Class

The students in 3rd grade are working on Opinion Papers during our writing time. The students have written several pieces on their opinions on various topics. Some of the topics that my students have worked on are " Best place to eat in Columbus" , "Best Pet " and the " Best restaurant in Columbus" .

Here is a sample of student H.L.'s work, writing about her vacation with family.

Third Grade, Ms. Straughter's Class

In my class, children are learning:



  • Multiplies of tens (using base ten blocks)
  • Associative, commutative, and distributive properties
  • Use equal groups, repeated addition, and arrays


  • Use Groups


  • Animal and plant life cycle
  • Inherited traits

Social Studies:

  • Cultural groups

    * Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Eid, Christmas, Diwali

  • Geography

Third Grade, Mr. Whyte's Class

In math, we are currently learning about different strategies to solve multiplication word problems such as skip counting, break it apart, putting things into group and drawing arrays. In Science, we just finished learning about animal habitats. In particular, Before winter break, students researched and created a slideshow in guinea pigs. This will help us prepare for our classroom pet which has recently joined Room 13.

Here is a picture of a sample of students' work, Zayid A.

This was the slideshow that students created on Guinea pigs.


Positive Behaviors Interventions & Supports

Avalon teachers, staff, and members of the PBIS Team seek to support the academic, social, emotional, and behavioral competence of all students with supports and opportunities within Tiers 1, 2, & 3.


Avalon Family Ambassadors, Tiffany Edwards and Candace Walker began making 'Check and Connect Calls' to Avalon families last month and will continue to do so the rest of the school year. These calls are designed by the Columbus City Schools Office of Engagement to hear how all CCS families are doing this school year and offer ways of connecting with district and/or community resources if needed.

It's hard to run in boots!

We know it's cold and wintry weather, but please remember to send your student to school with athletic/tennis shoes on days when they have PE/Gym. Thank you!
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Registering for the Lottery

The School Choice Lottery application process begins at the beginning of January for middle and high schools and in February for elementary schools, utilizing the new electronic paperless application process.

To access the School Choice Lottery, you will first need to log into the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. The School Choice Link located within the Parent Portal will allow you to submit your application(s), track waitlist numbers and accept or decline offers. If you need a user name/password reset and cannot remember the recovery email address you provided, please send a picture ID, your child's name and date of birth to parentportalaccess@columbus.k12.oh.us for assistance.

If your child is not currently a CCS student, you must complete the online enrollment process prior to submitting a lottery application. Parents are encouraged to utilize the online SpeedyPass registration process and schedule an appointment to present required enrollment documents. You’ll receive your Parent Portal access code at your enrollment appointment.

School Choice Fairs

Learn about each of the schools at the Virtual School Choice Fairs.

There are video presentations that give an overview of each school, available by clicking here.

School Choice Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for answers to Frequently Asked Questions about School Choice.

Elementary School Lottery Applications

Accepted via the Parent Portal Tuesday, February 1, 2023 through Thursday, March 31, 2023.

  • The last date for the acceptance of late lottery applications for students who completed the 2022-23 school year with CCS is August 18, 2023.
  • New students enrolling into Columbus City Schools can submit a lottery application for two weeks after their enrollment date until December 8, 2023.
  • Request to Return to Homeschool Application: Accepted via the Parent Portal Wednesday, January 4, 2023 through Friday, March 24, 2023.


Avalon Elementary

Students are in-person at school from:

9:00 am - 3:10 pm

Students may be dropped off no earlier than 8:30 am.

Early dismissals must occur before 3 pm.

To change dismissal plans, we require a written note or email from parent or guardian. No phone calls.

Latchkey is available for a fee:

7:00 am - 8:30 am

3:10 pm - 6:00 pm