Kids Punishment

Punishing kids

Putting them in the naughty corner

The way kids are punished has been a big talking point over the past few weeks. Two comments started it all. First, the National Children's Commissioner said putting kids in a 'naughty corner' might go against their rights. Then, a national education advisor said he would support the return of corporal punishment in some schools.

The corporal

When they used to get hit with the corporal the boys got hit onthe hand/arm and the girls got hit on the leg/foot. the kids don't want to bring the corporal back of course. BAck in the day some children got hit with it.

It is mean to the kids

Back in the day

Back in the day school was pretty strict! And if you misbehaved in class you got into trouble! It was called 'corporal punishment'. Corporal punishment is a way of telling kids off by hitting them usually on either their bottom, hands or legs and it was really common in the past.