Math Project

By Riley Russell

The Problem

Nocona Lake is drying up. The lake loses about 4 feet of water every week.

What is Nocona's water level after 7 weeks if the water is 64 feet deep?

The Math Problem

64-(7x4) =

The Constant

The constant is -4, beacuase it never ever changes and will aalways stay the same. A constant is a variable that never changes

The Independent Variable

The independent variable is the weeks, because it does not rely on any other variable and will not change becuase of another An independent variable is a variable that depends on nothing.

The Dependent Variable

The dependent variable is the water level, because the water level depend's on the weeks(the Independent variable) and the amount of water it loses every week ( The constant -4). A Dependent variable is a variable that depends on the independent variable and the constant.
Big image

Graph Explanation

This is the correct and accurate (Its drawn, so its a not perfect) because the water level (in blue) is decreasing steadily over time as they water dries up.

Solved question

64-(7x4) solve the problem in parenthesis

64-28 solve the problem


After 7 weeks the water will be at 36 feet. The lake lost 36 feet