Halloween with the Fairy Queen

Tales of wicked fairies who steal away humans

A thrilling storytelling event for elementary school age and up

  • Just in time for Halloween, listen to a selection of spine-tingling folk tales and rhymes from the United Kingdom--all about young men and women being spirited away by the fairies. How will they escape? Will they even want to escape?
  • Directly before and after the program, hear examples of the stories' folk ballads.
  • Play a special game: "Tam Lin & The Fairies," created exclusively for this event.
  • Take home your very own copy of the game!

"Tam Lin" -- The young lord, Tam Lin, has been taken by the Fairy Queen! Will his true love be able to save him at midnight on Halloween, or will he become the Queen's sacrifice?

"Thomas the Rhymer" -- Thomas of Ercildoune and the Queen of Elfland ride her milk-white steed through oceans of blood. As a hostage, will Thomas choose the path of Righteousness, the path of Wickedness, or the path to Elfland? Once there, will he ever want to return home?

"Childe Rowland and Burd Ellen" -- Young Ellen runs widdershins (against the sunlight) around a church while playing ball, and is stolen by the fairies. Will her three brothers--with the help of Merlin--be able to save her from the fairy court?

Wednesday, Oct. 30th 2013 at 6:30-7:45pm

Yourtown Public Library: 333 South Fay Street, Yourtown, PA 15151

Registration is required.

To register, or for more information, call (434) 555-4400.

The event is open to elementary school-aged children and up. Parental discretion is advised, due to the fright factor.


6:30 - 7:10: Storytelling and poems: "The Queen of the Fay," "Tam Lin," "Thomas the Rhymer," "Childe Rowland and Burd Ellen," "The Fairies' Dance"

7:10 - 7:45: Introduction to the take-home, "Tam Lin & The Fairies" game; free-play

Fairy images courtesy of ClipArt, Etc. Retrieved from http://etc.usf.edu/clipart/.