Forcing yourself to throw up?

Bulimia disease.

Did You Know......

Bulimia is the second most common eating disorder of all teens. This includes anorexia and other big eating disorders that cause death and body suffering.

Do you have/experiencing.....

  • Puffy chipmunk cheeks
  • Not overweight but feel it.
  • discolored teeth
  • Finding yourself forcing yourself to throw up
  • Feel sorry for yourself after eating
  • Try to cover up your disorder

Then you might Bulimia disease.

Gynsych can help with your disorder.

Lady Gaga suffers from bulimia

As you know lady gaga is a very big and famous singer. Yet she is self concussion about her weight. She swallows a mixture of soy milk and food dye, then sticks her fingers down her throat to make herself get sick. Often she vomits colors on canvas, but for the SXSW show, Lady Gaga was her medium