Alexander The Great

Praising The Great

Things about Alexander The Great

Alexander was the son of Philip the second of Macedonia.

Alexander at the age of twenty, took over where Philip his dad left off and continued to expand their empire.. with that being said lets go on and talk about some of the positive and negative things Alexander has done.

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Good things about Alexander The Great

Alexander fought for his people.

He went to war with the Persians.

After the war he went to all the soldiers that go hurt during the war and he also went to visit the families of his soldiers that got killed in the war against Persians.

Ever since that day he gained loyalty from his people.

Bad things about Alexander The Great

- He became obsessed with power and being above the law.

- He became paranoid that his men (who some were also his closest friends) were trying to kill him so instead he killed them.

- They ruined buildings that were sacred to Persians.

Some of the reason why Alexander The Great was famous:

- He was undefeated in battle.

- He was taught by Aristotle.

- His father was assassinated.

- His armies made vast conquests.

- He was widely known for the cultural diffusion of "his empire".