Interest in Teens

Article by Gabriel Castillo

My Career

The name of the career that I am interested in is called Software Developers/Systems Software. One reason I chose this career is because it is both a Bright Outlook and Green Economy occupation. This career also supports my interests, skills, and values in ways more than most of my other career options. This career consists of developing, designing, researching, and testing software at the operating systems level. Work in this career also consists applying computer science, engineering, and mathematical analysis to work. Skills required for this career include using logic to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative approaches and solutions to a problem. Another skill is to also be able to consider the relative benefits and costs of potential actions and to choose the most appropriate one.

Requirements For This Career

Certain requirements are necessary for this job and they consist of hard work and much dedication. Educational requirements necessary for this career include majors in engineering-related fields and at least a Bachelor's degree. Training and experience I may need to perform this career include participating in computer science, engineering, and software programs. Special equipment needed to perform this job include equipment to control dust, humidity, or temperature in an area of system installation. The average median salary for this occupation in Florida is $89,550. The outlook for this career in the future is positive, with a 13% increase and 107,900 expected job openings during 2014-2024. A typical day in this career would consist of developing, designing, and modifying existing software. Also consulting with colleagues, partners, and attending meetings or doing research. It consists of evaluating and analyzing data to fulfill requirements as well.

The Impact of This Project

This project was very helpful for me to learn more information about my chosen career. It also helped me realize what it takes to reach this occupation with my skill set. I will be able to develop a career path and goals for myself. Understanding what this career requires is a motivation to keep pursuing my education and my interests.