Element/principles project

bayli adelman


This outfit is a monochromatic because it has to deal with only one color and then it has horizontal lines to give a thicker look which is texture. It has equal balance of the different type of orange which is symmetrical. This has repetition in it because the pattern, which is the strips, repeat. This Is drawing attention to the darker strips to give it more of that bold look.


In this picture we have a baby blue shirt where it has vertical lines where it makes the person look taller and more slim than she actually is which gives it texture. This outfit is really not balanced out with the tints of blues which makes it asymmetrical.
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This dress is complementary because yellow and purple are across from each other on the color wheel but they complement the other color when in an outfit. The texture for this dress is very thin and flows, it is a really good outfit for summer or spring.
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This outfit is neutral because it consist of different shades of brown and brown,black, and white are neutral because they can go with anything. This scarf draws attention because it is a pop of color and it makes an outfit look different then without the scarf.
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This shows blue red and yellow in one outfit which makes it Triadic because those are equally spaced out on the color wheel.
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This outfit draws attention to the sleeve part because it is tight then loosens up the rest of the dress.
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This radiation because it starts out at one stop then spreads out.
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